Please help me decide!Roots editor or Club Monaco?

  1. Hi, I'm very confused. I am looking for a brown leather bag. Preferably a shoulder bag as I have a 14 month old. Bear in mind that I'm in Ontario, Canada so my choices may be some what limited. I like the new club monaco large killa bag (sort of looks like a chloe paddy) and the roots editor bag. I have not been able to download the killa bag picutre but i've attached the roots editor picture. Any other suggestions would also be helpful.


  2. I have looked at this Root's bag before. I really like it! But I like the Killa bag too.... I'm a whole lotta help, huh? :lol:
  3. I've heard that the leather on the Roots bag is very nice. I think this bag would be very practical with the pockets. I don't know what the Club Monaco bag looks like.
  4. I love the leather on the Roots bags. Their stuff is pre-treated so if you have a little one, I would go with that and save the other for when they are older.
  5. Not only does the Roots bag appear functional, it has the added benefit of being a cute bag!
  6. Oh !! I looove the leather on Roots bags, and if I'm not mistaken, Roots will repair it forever if there are any problems with the bag (make sure to confirm in store !).
  7. I loved the Roots bag when previously posted but have never seen the Club Monaco. After searching a while, this was the best photo I could get.[​IMG]Looks pretty cool but I just can't see all the details. Anyone else find a better picture?:sad2:
  8. I have one from roots and love it. They have it in several colors but i got the dark brown. ITs so roomy, nice soft leather and well worth the money.

  9. here is the info one hte bag I posted

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] 12 - chocolate [​IMG] 11 - black [​IMG] 13 - tan
    Roots® Women's 'Tuscany' Bag full top double zipper closure
    front zippered pocket
    2 braided handles
    contrast stitching
    inside lined
    inside lined zippered pocket
    W-12" H-7"

    Our current website price: $198.00 Earn Sears Club Points when you use your Sears Card. Item Number: 450 354 66Y 10 function submitAction(formElement, cmd) { eval("formElement.wla.value='null'"); formElement.action=cmd; formElement.submit(); }function submitWishlistAction(formElement, cmd) { formElement.action=cmd; formElement.submit(); } function populateSecondAttributes(select1, select2, arrayNamePrefix) { selectedValue = select1.options[select1.selectedIndex].value; var selectedArray = eval(arrayNamePrefix + selectedValue); while (selectedArray.length/2 < select2.options.length) { select2.options[(select2.options.length - 1)] = null; } for (var i=0; i < selectedArray.length/2; i++) { eval("select2.options=" + "new Option(\'" + selectedArray[2*i+1] +"\')"); eval("select2.options.value =selectedArray[2*i]"); } } function populateAdditionalDimension(select1, select2, arrayNamePrefix) { selectedValue = select1.options[select1.selectedIndex].text; var selectedArray = eval(arrayNamePrefix + selectedValue); while (selectedArray.length < select2.options.length) { select2.options[(select2.options.length - 1)] = null; } for (var i=0; i < selectedArray.length; i++) { eval("select2.options=" + "new Option(\'" + selectedArray +"\')"); } } function updateValue(select1,select2) { value1 = select1.options[select1.selectedIndex].value; text2 = select2.options[select2.selectedIndex].text; newValue1 = value1.substring(0,value1.indexOf(".")); if (text2 == "0") { newValue1 += ".0"; } else if (text2 == "1/8") { newValue1 += ".1"; } else if (text2 == "1/4") { newValue1 += ".2"; } else if (text2 == "1/3") { newValue1 += ".3"; } else if (text2 == "3/8") { newValue1 += ".4"; } else if (text2 == "1/2") { newValue1 += ".5"; } else if (text2 == "5/8") { newValue1 += ".6"; } else if (text2 == "2/3") { newValue1 += ".7"; } else if (text2 == "3/4") { newValue1 += ".8"; } else if (text2 == "7/8") { newValue1 += ".9"; } select1.options[select1.selectedIndex].value = newValue1; } [​IMG]
  10. I like the club monaco one, I think their leather is less thick than Roots's and the craftmanship is a little less than Roots as well. I owned one CM bag, it lasted only a couple of months because it was white. I bought the Tuscany and Natalie 6 months ago when I was looking for a camel bag but return both of them, they are just not me. The Natalie is particularly heavy too. But the leather is great. Have a look at this:

    You can order any leather or colour you like for all the styles they have without extra charge.
  11. I would buy a Roots bag before one from Club Monaco.
    Better craftsmanship, materials and customer service. Roots stands by all their leather goods 100%. Besides, the Club Monaco one will be on sale soon. Now that I think of it, I think they have a promotion at this time of year ( 25%). Call and enquire.
  12. ^^

    good info Shyloo! CM and Caban had mentionned that they will be having a friends and family night pretty soon. I think Roots is better quality as well. I would choose the Roots bag and wait for the CM one to go on sale!
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions, you are all so helpful. I have asked the Roots store near my house to locate a chocolate brown editors and also a chocolate brown tuscany bag (so I can compare them). I went to see the CM killa bag again. The few negative things about that bag is that it has a short handle and also its quite big and not very soft and slouchy. I think i'm leaning towards the Roots bag. BTW i'm also getting my Bloomsbury cognac bag, I bought it on ebay and had it shipped to SIL's house in Boston. They are coming up to see us for the Easter long weekend. I'm so excited.

    Thanks again.
  14. I just bought the Roots Editor's Bag in tan and I love it!!!:love: I bought it so that I'd have a brown bag to carry while saving up for an LV bag that that I had been wanting. However, I keep having this urge to buy another Roots bag in black. :shame: The leather is so nice!!! I never expected to love it so much. Even my husband is impressed with the way it looks and feels. Yesterday, he told me that he went to their website to look at their weekend bags. :lol: I just can't believe that it didn't cost more. I want another one. What is wrong with me? I've actually found a bag that I love that isn't super expensive...I honestly didn't think it was possible. :amuse: