please help me decide...rolex or omega...xx

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  1. hi all.....i'd really appreciate any help you could give me in making my final watch purchase for a very long time...

    its a split up between an omega and pls!!!:biggrin:

    my core watch collection is at the moment a two-tone must de cartier, for dressy occasions, my tag kirium, for work only and my white j12 with mop face and diamond markers for everyday going out day (this is my fav watch). i have a few other fun watches like teal toywatch,red dkny, green philip starck watch...

    i'm still a little afraid to use the j12 at work, i'm a dentist and i use quite harsh cleaning soap between pts and sometime the gloves catch on the j12 as its a slightly chunkier watch, plus working in a high needs area i think my watch might attract a little too much attention. having used and abused my tag for 8yrs now, i'm a little bored and want sumthing new. i need sumthing as hardy as my tag, but want it to look interesting and if possible a little bling, but not too much

    i'd initally really liked the look of the ss rolx airking with blue dial and orange numbers or the oyster perpetual with black dial and blue numbers. it seems like really sturdy solid watch and the dial makes it a little edgier, but not such a loud look at me work clothes r black so the orange and blue dial wud look cool:P

    then i went watch shopping yesterday and saw the omega aquaterra with striped charcoal background with diamond markers and now i'm feeling confused....its such a stunning watch...and the bling is subtle enough for everyday and I know for a fact i dont want to spend more for diamonds on the rolex.

    is omega at the same level of watch status as a rolex?..(sorry if i sound like a total watch snob)...i just equate hermes is to bags as rolex is to watches theory.

    sorry for waffling on...but any thoughts on what you'd go for wud be helpful:smile:
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    I'm sort of in the same predicament!!
    The Omega Aqua Terra w/ black pinstripe face + diamonds is what I want.
    But what I REALLY want is Rolex to offer a similar watch for a similar price :lolots:

    OMega is a VERY reputable watch maker IMO, above the normal Tag et al. But not exactly = to Rolex. But you can tell by price point. You have to just decide what you really want, a gorgeous blingy watch or a basic Rolex for the same price.
    Pretty sure I'm going for the Omega, it's so beautiful on.
  3. No idea if this store is even remotely reliable, these are for photo reference only.
    These are the 2 I love:
  4. those two are the ones i'm having sleepless nights over..i love that omega dial and it looks so classy with the diamond markers.....and the rolex is exact same one only with the blue dial!...i loved the brushed steel as it wont show as many scratches...but do u think it looks as expensive as what it is or am i just paying a premium for the brand...whereas omega is giving quite a lot for the same price.
    plus the main reason i was fed up of my tag was that from far it could just be any other watch, u know there was no bling or coolness to it....thats part of the reason i was swaying to the rolex with the blue dial and orange numbers think the funky dial will compensate for lack of bling?....
  5. [​IMG]
  6. That Omega, definitely!!!! (this coming from a die-hard Rolex person)
  7. thanks chessmont...., having oggled all the rolex theads.and drooled over my keyboard...i really loved your rolex collection! at the moment am veering to the omega side....

    swanky when are u planning or getting your one?...would love to see your pics.....
  8. samiyahk - Do you know price of the omega? Also, how many mm? I have the blue face air king w/orange numbers and love it. Contemplating the Cartier ballon bleu at end of month. But I'm interested in learning more about the omega. Is it quartz or automatic?
  9. I'm leaning towards the Omega! I'm not sold on a "brand" at all so judging from what I'd get alone, Omega wins. If I judged on reputation, Omega is still fab!

    Depending in the retailer Omega is between $5k-$7k -ish. You can get either quartz or auto, a few different face colors, w or w/o diamond markers, bezel, etc. . .
    MUCH more options than Rolex.
  10. Looks like the omega is 30 mm, quartz and $7,100.
  11. The Omega diamond versions are all automatic I believe. I have the base quartz model (there's also a base automatic model as well that's $1000 more). In terms of size, it's about 29mm if I remember correctly.
  12. Thanks Swanky! I just cruised the site! They have a good range of Quartz (8 styles) and over 16 styles for Automatic - just for the Aqua Terra model alone. Pretty cool!
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    It's equal if you mean by watchmaking standards and in the tier of purchasing...they're in the same buying level despite a few thousand difference in retail. Where Omega is not equal is in terms of resale value and marketing reach, differences that to some aren't much of a difference (but can matter to a given customer). Even Rolly people will give it up for Omega's quality, ranging from the movements to the finish of the bracelets.

    IMO, and the opinion of those who are on watch forums, in most cases money goes farther for the same quality level with an Omega.