Please Help me decide, Rita or Ursula?

  1. Hi everyone! Please help me decide! I am going to exchange my Ursula w/a new Ursula tomorrow at the boutique.:p However, I'm now torn between two bags! The Rita and Ursula. I can get the Rita Instead if I want to. I love the design of the Ursula, but it's very very heavy, just wondering if Rita (w/o the strap) is as heavy as the Ursula??? Which color? Black or white? TIA!!
  2. White Rita!:tup:
  3. Is it as heavy as the Ursula?
  4. i have a white rita..its a bit lighter/easier to carry.
  5. white ursula!
  6. I'm not a huge fan of the Rita, so I'd say WHITE URSULA! This bag just shouts GLAM! to me :smile:.
  7. ^^^ No, a bit lighter and easier on the shoulder. I love how you can carry by hand, crook of your arm or shoulder. The front flap pocket and zipped pocket on the back are great plus too!
  8. O gosh! I can't decide! Love the white but it gets dirty easily, and prone to stains. Love the Ursula but its heavy. :confused1:
  9. ursula! so gorgeous!!!
  10. I personally prefer the Rita - it just seems more chic to me somehow. I fell in love with it ever since I saw it in a pic/ad somewhere. The Ursula has a slightly more "chunky" look, maybe because of the hardware in the handles.
  11. i prefer the rita over ursula
  12. I LOVE the white Rita, it is probably my favourite MC bag, plus it's not so common.
  13. just hearing the words Ursula and Rita make my left arm start to joke.

    but- I'd go for White Rita b/c of the shoulder strap
  14. OK! Hope that I'll make a good choice tomorrow. Coz I'm opting for a bag that I can carry anywhere. Like for traveling. I just can't carry the Ursula when traveling because of the weight. I hope Rita is much more lighter. I've tried the Rita on before and it's much heavier than the Ursula with the shoulder strap attached to it. I'm also leaning towards the Black.. don't wanna worry about stains anymore. I'm still confused. heh-heh
  15. Oh btw, is Rita as heavy as MC speedy? Coz MC speedy is also heavy