Please help me decide:prices of PST GST and Medallion?

  1. Hello

    I used to know the prices but haven't bought anything from chanel since october 2007 and that was with the old prices. Anyway I always feel like the SAs are rude and looking down on me when I ask so I thought it would be easier if I just asked people on the forum since you've helped me lots before.

    Does anyone know the prices of the GST, PST and the medallion black bag with the silver medallion charm attached to it? I want to buy a chanel after my exams as a treat but I have no idea which would be the best one to buy?

    I'm limiting myself to one, so I can save for next year as well cos I am a student and don't have an income apart from my parents who are getting annoyed paying for my bags lol :lol:

    Anyway, does anyone have any ideas or just the prices?

    Thanks x :smile:
  2. The GST and MEDALLION are both $2125 and the PST is $1350. I have the Medallion with silver coin, i absolutely love it. To me its the perfect Chanel, but i find myself wanting the PST really bad now lol mainly because i want it since it has the chain, yet i love the look of the Medallion and the closed zipper for it as well. So either of those would be great. I personally do not like the GST but thats because im a small girl, and its just too big for me. Anything you pick will be great! Good luck!
  3. omg! im trying to decide between those 3 too! hahaha. i have the melrose satin cabas right now but im probably going to exchange it for one of the 3 youre looking at. more durable ya know. let us know which one you choose!
  4. As a student, you might want the bigger GST to fit books in, but I prefer the less bulky medallion and PST in terms of looks and ease of wearing.
  5. I like the GST.
  6. I like the GST with the new washed caviar
  7. Gst!
  8. I like them all for different reasons.
    The medallion is super easy to carry, fits a lot, and gets a lot of compliments when I wear it. The only cmplaint with the black meallion is the inside is black leather so it makes finding your things difficult in dim lighting.
    The GST is pretty as well and a nice size with 3 comparments. The negatives are the chain handles are squeaky and fall off the shoulder at times.
    The PST is very feminine, but I wouldn't buy it personally, because there are no secure compartments/the top is basicly open.
  9. I called the NY boutique today and the GST is $2195. In london it is slightly cheaper at £1005. In the UK the PST is the same price although i am unsure of the price in US $. Hope this helps x
  10. I prefer the PST & GST compared to the Medallion. It depends on your frame though. For me the PST fits perfect but the GST looks way too big. I'm 5'3" and kind of petite.
  11. i vote for gst.