Please help me decide~ Pochette Compact in Mono or Damier?

  1. Hi all!

    I'm trying to decide on a Pochette Compact to carry my make-up with me. I have a Trunks&Bags mini pochette, but I'm a make up junkie and I carry a lot with me, so now I need a bigger bag to carry lip glosses, hand lotion, pressed powder, eye pencils, etc...

    All my bags are Damier. I have the Parioli, Hampstead & in April I'll be getting the damier Speedy (25 or 30). So, I thought it might be nice to have something in mono for a change, but I'm worried that the bottom with the pointy corners would be a pain. I like the mono, but I like the shape of the damier better (the bottom doesn't seem so pointy and the red lining might not get as dirty). Does anyone have either one? Do you like it?

    Which would you choose??


  2. I love the damier one!
  3. i too, prefer the damier
  4. I like the mono one they are both great though
  5. If all your bags are Damier, I would go for the Damier! Me personally I don't like to mixe different styles. Both are very cute and practical.
  6. I think the two you mention are the exact same shape actually. I have an older cosmetic case in yellow epi and I like it because the lining is durable and easy to clean. I'd say go with the damier one because of the darker lining.

    Here's another option if you don't love the shape of the cosmetique. Have you considered the pochette toilette 19? It's in the mono pattern and a little bigger than the cosmetique.
  7. Thanks for the input so far! I saw the pochette toilette 19, do you know if it can stand up by itself if I put it down on a counter?

    I guess they both are about the same shape, in the pictures, it looks like the mono is a little bigger, but maybe not. I still can't decide.
  8. Yes, I believe the PT 19 can stand on its own.
  9. They are both so cute....both? :graucho::graucho:
  10. Thanks!
  11. Uh-oh. I didn't think about that....
  12. i agree..get damier too match ur bags
  13. I prefer the mono (that's what I have) and love the contrast with my Damier. However, I don't like the contrast as much in reverse - meaning a damier accessory with a mono bag. I know, I'm weird, lol. I also have the small mono pochette toilette, and yes it does stand up so I'm sure the 19 does too. Whichever you choose, they are both's more of a personal choice.
  14. I prefer Damier, love the red inside!
  15. I actually had both the Mono & Damier Cosmetique. I bought the mono version first from LV but I always wanted it in Damier, so I bought the Damier version pre-owned (it looked brand new) and sold my mono version to my co-worker.

    They are exactly the same bag in shape and size and there was no difference in the "pointy" corners. But, I really love the Damier print in the Cosmetique shape, so that's why I bought it - I should have just bought it the first time!!!

    Both versions are easy to clean on the inside, so I wouldn't worry about that... ironically, I don't really use my Cosmetique to carry make-up - just misc. stuff in my purses.

    Go for the Damier because at least you won't have to worry about the leather tab getting dirty as it could on the Mono version that has the vachetta tab.

    LV prices are going up this Wed, 1/23, so I recommend buying the Cosmetique by this Tuesday to avoid the price increase - probably about 5%.

    Good luck!!