Please help me decide: Petit Noe or Popincourt Haut?

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  1. If you only had these two choices (I know...tomorrow, I'll be obsessing about two other LV bags:shame: ...but humour me anyway) and you wanted to get the best LV experience for the money:lol: , which would you chose?
  2. Ph
  3. I would choose the Popincourt Haut...the Petit Noe just isn't quite my style.
  4. Poppincourt Haut for me too!
  5. Petit Noe, I don't like the Haut at all...looks too 'lunch bag' to me..
  6. Petite Noe!!!
  7. I bought the Popincourt Haut on impulse. I never even considered buying the PH until last week when I was in the store!! I tried it on while waiting for my SA to bring out a new Saleya PM (a gift for my mommy). I love the Popincourt Haut more than my speedy! heheh o:smile:
  8. petite noe!! it looked so so good on LV_addict a couple months ago when she posted pictures. i fell in love with the shape. couple that with the fact that i really don't care for the shape of the pop haut (looks like a pup tent to me!) and there's my answer.
  9. I don't care for any of them..but the petite noe is cute in white MC! I also prefer the popincourt over the haut version.
  10. popincourt haut!
  11. Absolutely popincourt haut !!!
  12. Ph!!
  13. i'm going to say: Popincourt Haut just because i think its cute!!!
  14. Ph!
  15. Petit Noe (not a fan of PH).
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