Please Help me decide Partime or City

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  1. Hi everyone I am new to Balenciaga world and I am not sure what bag to go with. I saw Black Partime 2010 in GSH and I love the size of it but I like City too. So not sure which one to go with. If I do go with Partime should I get Black or Anthra? So please help. Also since I live in CA and I order from New York store do I have to pay sales tax? The reason I am asking is a few months ago I ordered a Chanel from New York and did not have to pay sales tax so was wondering if that is same in Balenciaga stores.
    Please help me decide. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Between the City and Part Time, it's a case of whether you want to have the longer strap (Part-Time) or shorter strap (City).

    I always think that size considerations have a lot to do with how much we think we will need for our things. So, size-wise, if you are saying you love the Part Time size, then I think that may be the one for you.

    Anthra or Black it's up to you, really. Get the one that gives you a buzz when you wear it.

    Anthra is always softer in tone, so it looks more subdued against most clothes. I think it's nicely versatile, in that it looks good with lighter-weight, as well as winter-weight clothes.

    The Black is much stronger, especially with the contrast of the GSH against its deeper (than Anthra) shade. I think Black is striking, but it can look heavy against lighter-weight clothes.

    So, colour-wise, it depends on whether you'd like a bag that is strong, or a bag that is more subdued.

    Both colours are classic and will always look great with the GSH.

    If you are particular about how your leather looks and feels (soft, saturated, heavily-lined/distressed, or smooth, thick etc), make sure to confirm this with the staff with photos from them to you, of the actual bag they are sending you.

    Good luck with your decision!

    I'm not in US so I don't know about the tax situation, sorry!
  3. I think sky pretty much covered all the bases. I guess it also depends on the amount of stuff you normally carry if your bags. Personally if it's with giant hardware, I prefer the PT. IMO the city, because it's smaller, looks a tad busy with the giant hardware. I've sold all my citys with GH because of this. Plus the PT has the slouchier look with GH whereas I feel the city looks more structured. But that's my personal preference. Of course, everyone is different. I completely agree with getting the photos first just so you know what to expect when you receive your bag and it may help clarify for you which look & color you like better.
  4. i love and have both but i have to say if i have to choose, i'll pick the city. i like the proportion bit better than the pt
  5. I really like the PT. It is bigger, but it has that wonderful slouch! I also appreciate the fact that there is more clearance to wear the handles over the shoulder - so you have two shoulder options, unlike the City. I know some ladies who can wear the handles of the City on the shoulder, but it just doesn't work for me.

    My vote would be Anthra!:smile:
    Good luck with whatever you choose & be sure to share pics here!
  6. I guess it all depends on what you most likely to carry around... I like City better because of the proportion... it was very hard to fit my iPad in my ex-PT:-s

    and if you'd like tax free, order from Aloha Rag is an option ;)
  7. I think that if there is a bal store in your state that they will mostly likely charge you tax but I'd call to be sure.

    Thought I'd love the City better than the part time. Just got a part time and it is my FAVORITE. Get the black with GSH (just my opinion).
  8. I love my Part Time as I can carry it over my shoulder (with winter coat)!!! I prefer Anthra with GSH & Black with RGGH.
  9. I LOVE the PT with giant hardware! I think the city does get a little too congested with GH, but nonetheless, still gorgeous!
  10. I love both! Either will be a great choice with sgh or rggh hardware! :biggrin: The part time does hold more than the city, which makes it much more useable for everyday.
  11. Part time hands down for me. Love the proportions.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I am going to go with the Partime in Black in GSH
  13. Thanks SkyBlueDay you really gave me alot of good information but I did have a question about the leather since this is my 1st bag not sure what really should I choose for leather.I have alot of LV bags so I really don't know about Balenciaga Leather for me it's I like to collect Designer handbags and this was going to me next on my list and I really like to look of Partime so please help me. when I asked my SA at my local dept store she said she was not really sure either about Leather but she said when customers by this bag they always looking for certain leather and they know what they want. So for me I am not sure.I know that the one I saw was 2010 and it was soft and shiny and I liked to look of it. So any suggestions would help me. Thanks again :hugs:
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    Hi there, divagal - my favourite leather of all time is the very soft, squishy leather, not-dry and very distressed, wildly crackled texture on my 2010 Black RH Town. You can see the leather here on the link below. Please don't die when you read I sandpapered back my RH hardware... I guess if I'd waited a bit longer before attacking my RH with sandpaper, I'd have been able to take advantage of the new little gold-finish brass hardware Bal's offering on their perforated Twiggy, but in the normal leather.

    Never mind... I like to think I inspired Bal to do it, hahaah! The link:

    Also, look at all the pictures of the Bal bags on that website, and on the TPF threads that you like, then email them to the salesperson.

    There are so many types of leather in terms of appearance and texture:
    * Distressed, veiny
    * Veiny with huge, wild crackling all over the bag
    * Veiny with small, regular cracks all over the bag
    * Crumpled as in it looks like a piece of paper that has been crmpled hard, then smoothed out to reveal all the fine lines all over that remain
    * Wrinkly same thing as above, but the bag doesn't look smoothed out - it remains looking slightly crumpled
    * Smooth, no distressing/crackling at all
    * Saturated: colour is very deep and saturated into the leather
    * Not very saturated: colour appears less saturated into the leather
    * Glazed: looks shiny, like a fine layer of polish has been applied to the leather
    * Matte: opposite of glazed:smile:
    * Smooth and dry
    * Smooth and moisturised
    * Stiff
    * Soft
    * Silky feeling leather
    * Slightly papery feeling
    * Thick leather
    * Thinner leather
    Some TPF descriptions of texture and appearance of bag as it sits without stuffing:
    * Smooshy: very supple
    * Pillowy: kind of fluffy, like a feather pillow that slowly collapses after it has been fluffed up)
    * Supple: see "smooshy", I guess:smile:
    * Stiff: happens when some bags are new, their leather sees quite hard, and the shape of the bag is very crisp and angular. This can quickly become smooshy once the bag is used regularly
    THEN, there are all the different combinations and permutations of the all - or more, of above characteristics, for example
    * Smooth, glazed, stiff, thick, soft leather
    * Veiny, glazed, soft leather... etc.

    That's about all I can think of off-hand.

    I'm sure there are many more TPF oldies (as in experienced, not chronologically!) who can - and will chime in, to give you more pointers.

    Make sure you can return the bag if it does not come to you as you anticipated.

    Good luck picking your bag!
  15. ^^^ Look at pictures on the "Wearing your Balenciaga PICTURES ONLY" Thread - especially the recent posts by City Of Light and the TPF lady with cool, short reddish hair, who has had her bag photographed with her in her studio shots (now THAT is serious LOVE for Bal!). There are some good photos of Bal leather textures there, mainly distressed, and in probability, very soft, judging by how the leather on their items collapses.

    Throughout that particular thread there are some good bag shots there, which you could copy and paste into your email to send to the Bal SA and show them what texture/colour/bag you are after. Also, look at photos on the Balenciaga Clubhouse thread.