Please Help Me Decide Part 2, Sky Blue vs Raspberry


Help Me Decide. Sky Blue vs Raspberry

  1. Sky Blue

  2. Raspberry

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  1. There are so many beautiful PS1 colors this season and I decided to go for another one! :heart: This time Sky Blue vs Raspberry (both in Medium).

    Which one do you like more and why (if possible)?

    Sky Blue from Barneys:,default,pd.html

    Raspberry from Barneys:,default,pd.html

    Do you think Raspberry is different enough from Bright Red (12SS)?

    Thank you so much for your valuable opinions!!! :flowers:
  2. I am thinking about getting PS1 Raspberry as well but haven't seen one IRL so I voted for Raspberry.
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    I voted for Sky Blue, it's my favourite colour and it's such a bright shade! I can't get one at the moment but if I could that's the one I would get.

    What colour is your other PS1? Maybe you can get the one that's different from your current one?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Graupel & loveable! They're both pretty so hard to choose one!

    loveable, my current PS1 collection is:

    Large: Smoke, Midnight, Purple (11FW)
    Medium: Bright Red (12SS), Mustard (12FW, on its way!)

    Pretty neutral/safe colors except Bright Red. Given my collection, which one would be a good choice? Which color would be harder to come by? Thanks a lot!!! :smile:

  5. I am more a pink person so raspberry gets my choice!
  6. I usually prefer blues over pinks but I don't love this blue...I wish it was a little bit brighter or a little darker. The raspberry color is really beautiful.
  7. i voted raspberry!
  8. I like the raspberry more since I'm more a pink than a blue person. But looking at your collection, you already have a purple and a bright red, which is sort of in the same palette, I'd say go with the sky blue (or whichever that makes your heart sing ;))