Please help me decide on white bag!

  1. I fell in love with a beautiful white city a few months ago and bought it. Haven't used it at all. Now I am thinking I maybe should have bought a first instead. It won't be an everyday bag. Most of the time, I would use it for social occasions or going out to dinner (not going to the grocery). So I am thinking maybe the first would work better. It will probably have to sit on my lap for going out to dinner. However, the store will not take back the city. Should I try to sell in on eBay? Will I take a hit since you can buy them in stores? How much will I lose?

    I have to decide by Saturday because I have a party to go to. This is assuming I can even find at first here in Chicago. I am not buying one sight unseen. Maybe I should buy it from a store that will return it and bring it home and see them side by side and decide. Help!
  2. I see there is one on eBay right now that sold new at $1,200. WAs that because it was winter white? I am pretty sure mine is too. Does that make it more desirable?
  3. Gosh, I will tell you I have seen a few white go out on eBay with no bids the last few weeks, I think it might be harder for you to seel at a good price since they are available everywhere, however it might have to do with other things you never know. You might get lucky and have someone fall in love with YOUR white city :smile:

    good luck!
  4. White is a little bit trickier to sell because Balenciaga makes it every year and white leather is hard to take care of! I got my white first for a STEAL- $560 or so. You should try listing it and see if anyone shows interest. You might get lucky!
  5. Well, I checked to see if Barney's still had a white first and she said they sold the last one the day before. Grrr...Said she would track one down but I prefer to buy at NM since their return policy is more liberal just in case I opt to keep the city instead.

    Called NM in Palm Beach. I figured they would have one for sure and they did. So it is on its way. JJ at NM was a big help. I highly recommend him if you need anything.