Please help me decide on which wedge....

  1. I'm looking for wedge with platform for spring/summer. I'm not a picky person but somehow I can't find the pairs I like!! I'm looking for something plain and not too much leather and decor (not chunky look on top of my feet). What do you think of these three? Which one will you pick? If you have others that you can recommend, please let me know. Thank you!!
  2. I would pick either of the Sergio Rossi ones personally. I think you could get use of those during several seasons. The Louboutin ones are adorable but the linen, or fabric, covered wedge just screams "don't wear me after Labor Day"... to ME anyway. They just seem a little more beachy resort to me.
  3. The 2nd pair are gorgeous if they came in another color other than white
  4. I think the brown Sergio Rossi's are really cute, the black ones are just kind of a basic wedge. I don't really like the fabric wedge on the Louboutin's, and they seem unwearable after summer.
  5. I like the brown Sergi Rossi ones. They're all cute, but the white patent doesn't do anything for me, and I think the black ones look kind of heavy for summer (though I really like their design). Those brown ones are really versatile.
  6. I also like the brown Sergio Rossi
  7. I think the CL's are the most gorgeous! The black ones look like too many other shoes out there and the brown ones were nice, but not nearly as fancy as the other two. What kind of look are you going for?

    I just bought a pair of Kork-Ease (more casual) and in the process saw some really gorgeous platform sandals by Cordani and also from Donald Pliner. Have you looked on
  8. Thank you everyone for your comments. I agree the CL is so pretty but might not as versatile as other two and during winter. I want to buy the platform and wedge with dresses, shorts and jeans, esp with dresses. I'm 5'2" and 100 lbs. I'm not skinny skinny and I find that sandals with straps wrapping around my ankles make my legs look short and cut off. That's why I pick something that look like sling back. Hope this makes sense. :smile: There are so many Espadrille platform out there but I don't think I like Espadrille. I want leather platform. From these 3, I like brown the most. I really like the texture of the leather. I like the style of the black one but I wonder why it's so expensive. I check Zappos everyday trying to find something I like in the lower price range. But I can't find the right platform hight, wedge hight and style. I can't believe it's so difficult to find the wedge with platform since there are so many out there!! :sad: Please keep the opinions coming in, please....
  9. From the description of what you'd where them with, the brown SRs are the best (plus I think they are the cutest anyway). They look feminine yet casual enough for jeans etc.
  10. Brown Sergio Rossi's
  11. I like first one
  12. Love the retro look of the Prada's
  13. ^ them prada's are gorgeous! great choice