Please help me decide on this Red Francesco Biasia

  1. I picked this up at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale today for $289, and even though it was cheap I'm second-guessing it (typical for me). The thing that bugs me the most is the large buckle on the front - you have to flip it over to unzip the top.

    I do love the color as it is the perfect red and I love red. I couldn't quite capture it in the photo, but it has patent trim on the handles and corners, the rest is this nice soft leather.

    Do you think it's cute enough to keep it and just deal with the annoying buckle flap?

    FB bag 2.jpg FB bag.jpg
  2. All I can say is... If I have to flip to zip that would drive me crazy, after a while!
  3. First of all, I have to say that FB bags are extremely well made and you just can't beat the leather and hardware. Period. I have a FB bag that is a couple of years old that has the same situation....flap over zipper, and even though it is a ritual getting in and out of it, I still love the bag, so it's worth it. But it won't be an easy in and out. That being said, I still like the bag because it's a great bag.
  4. hmmm. not liking it, sorry :p
  5. I say since you already seem annoyed with it and you haven't even carried it yet, that you should probably take it back. I had the Botkier Bianca and I sent it back for a few reasons, but the flip to open open thing was part of it. You can always take your nearly $300 and spend it on something you LOVE!
  6. Thanks for the honest opinion ;)
  7. Good point, it was cheap, but I don't think I love it, so that's probably a good sign that I should take it back.
  8. Wow, another good point, hmm, now I'm really confused :confused1:
  9. i saw that bag IRL and loved it and haven't seen it since!!! i think it's gorgeous and if you love it, keep it, if not, get something you do!!! (but seriously...keep it, it's beautiful!!! the color is tdf!!!)
  10. It is a lot nicer IRL, I wasn't able to capture how nice it is when I photographed it. The pic on the Nordstrom website isn't great either. I will have to sleep on it, I just love the color, it is the perfect red.
  11. I saw this bag at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this morning and it was very pretty. I didn't get it because I hate to have to "flip and zip." I have a FB messenger that is wearing like iron...they are very good quality bags.
  12. If it is a bag you don't use as often, I would say keep it; but if you plan on making it an every day bag, the flip and unzip would eventually get tired.
  13. I vote no.
  14. The flip and zip does bother me. I believe there are many other beautiful red bags you can choose from. So I woud vote for No.
  15. I say no if you're second guessing already. Maybe you'll find another red bag you'll love even more or another FB bag you'll like better.