please help me decide on this bag

  1. I just recently purchased a black denim cabby gm, havent used it yet. For some reason I'm just not 100% sure about it. So my question is...would you keep it or return it and for the amount i could possibly get 2 bags. The other bags I'm considering is Damier large musette and a BH. Or should i keep the cabby and just use and enjoy her. I'm just concered how it will wear and if it will fade overtime. Sorry about the long post and thanks for your help guys:flowers:
  2. I have the BH and love it. I can get tons in it. To me the black denim already looks faded which is one reason why it's not on my list. Keep us posted on your decision!
  3. I would totally return it if it's still possible- it's so much more fun when you can get two bags of equal beauty with the funds for just one!
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  5. Since you're not 100% about it and have doubts and concerns, I would return it and get ones that you truly love and would use. The Damier Musette and the BH are excellent choice!
  6. to be honest im not a fan of the cabby i would go for the 2 bags
  7. I agree .. if you are unsure I would return it and purchase something you will use:love:
  8. if you are not going to use the cabby return it and get the bags which you are going to use.. I dont like bags wating in the closed..
  9. If you are already second guessing getting good use out of it, exchange it for the 2 bags. Great choices on the 2 bags, BTW.
  10. i agree with the others. i think when you get a new bag you should be excited and use it all the time.
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    IMO I think u should exchange it since u r having doubts..

  12. I have the BH and love it for my everyday, throw in the car bag. Would return the cabby and get the BH and damier...or wait with the second bag and lots of new bags coming out in Feb-March
  13. I wouldn't trade my Neo Cabby for any other bags - but that just my opinion.
  14. You seem unsure and it is an expensive bag so I would return it and get one or two other things that you are excited to use.
  15. Exchange it for the other bags.