Please help me decide on these

  1. Hi everyone. I want to buy a neutral purse that's pretty vesatile since I'm going to Vegas next week and will be wearing both skirts and jeans. Which one of these do you like? I'm pretty small so I didn't choose a huge bag. I know they're "in" and here to stay but we'll have to take baby steps on increasing the size.;) Thanks:yes:,1970.htm,1524.htm

    or the Kooba Jesse in Khaki or Bourbon
  2. i have the kooba and it's a great bag...i also love the baca, but have seen it irl and it's a really big bag from what i remember...
    hope this helps!
  3. The kooba looks better than the other two!
  4. Thank you. I love the Kooba too.
  5. ^ I like the other two better than the kooba.LOL!hehe

    maybe it's because i like the color on the other 2..
  6. Oh gosh, now I'm confused. I tried all three on at Nordstroms today and I really just can't decide. Is the Kooba too dark for Spring?
  7. I prefer the first one (sacha hobo)..
    Great colour and style :yes:
  8. :yes: I agree. I like that one much more than the other two! And good luck in Vegas!
  9. I like the Kooba you guys are really getting me hooked on Kooba!!!!
  10. I usually really like Botkier designs but this one isn't grabbing me, it's kinda plain. I like the smooshiness of the Gustto but I think that style is too trendy (I might be wrong, but in a few years you might not like it as much). I like the Kooba the best, esp in the khaki color. Have fun in Vegas (there's lots of good shopping there too!!)
  11. I like the Kooba much better! Have a great time in Vegas!
  12. I say do the Jessie in the lightest color you posted, wasn't sure...but I think it's the khaki....LOVE that bag!
  13. I am going to say the gustto baca the leather is AMAZING!!!!!!!
    serioulsy i cant even describe it :smile:

    If not that i would say the kooba but i think the gustto is amazing really and i dont think its too trendy but maybe thats cause i dont follow trends so if i love a bad i dont really care if its "in" hehe

    but yea :smile: thats my 2 cents
  14. I like the 1st one.
  15. Thanks everyone. I went with the Kooba. It's nice to have girlfriends available no matter what time it is. I've been itching to buy something all week. I'm sure you all have experienced the feeling. I feel temporarily satisfied. hee hee :woohoo:

    I sure hope I get a chance to shop and play in Vegas. I have to go for business. I love Vegas. I'm kind of a regular thanks to my husband. He talks me into going every time we have a few days off. It's not so much the gambling. I can't resist the shopping, food and fun? :party: