Please help me decide on these 2 boots...

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  1. You couldn't go wrong with either one but I think I like#2 just a little better. The details are cute but its still totally classic.
  2. For a classic riding style, I prefer the first. The harnesses on the second change the look very slightly - not necessarily in a bad way - so the Lauren boots look slightly less edgy.
  3. #1 is more traditional #2 looks more motorcyclish.
  4. #1
  5. I like the RL boots--very classic. The PK boots have the harness detail and the lug soles which give them a much more casual, "work boot" feel.
  6. #1
  7. The RL's forsure. They're gorgeous and look like they'll last forever!
  8. They are both nice. I think I prefer the RL a bit more but not by much. I like them both.
  9. i like the 2nd best
  10. Neither looks like a traditional riding boot to me, the ralph lauren is too chunky (especially the heel) and the other pair is too rockerish.

    Have you seen the Frye Paige Riding Boots? They look very similar to those pairs but are sleeker and more of a classic style. They are also a little bit cheaper so it's a win win. I have a pair in brown and loveeeee them.
  11. The Frye Paige's don't look like riding boots either...The best "riding" boots for fashion I've seen are the Hermes ones.

    Out of the choices the OP posted, I like #1 posted.
  12. i prefer the first ones
  13. I disagree, I think they look more like riding boots than the other two. My Mom used to ride and she always comments on how she had a pair just like mine when seh did.
  14. thanks everyone- I guess I am looking for a classic boot that I can wear for yrs to come. I am looking to wear with leggings and skinny jeans.