Please help me decide on the Damier Azur Speedy 30 or Mini Lin Speedy 30 in Ebene?

  1. I love both, and I can't decide which I should get. Which one do you think will remain gorgeous for years to come? Which one is more durable? I don't know much about sag, so I don't think I have a preference as to saggy or not saggy - I'd just like some input. Thank you so much!
  2. I vote for the Mini lin.....just for the look/style of it...its less seen so its more special in that regard and the look is soooo killer...but...

    I think for durability, the Azur might be a bit better due to the coated canvas even though its white....

    Well, you cant go wrong with either one really....ughhhh, I dont think I helped much...:p
  3. I prefer the Azur. I find that the Mini lin may sag more.
  4. I much prefer ebene Mini Lin to the Damier Azur. IMHO -- and I know some will disagree -- but I think of Damier Azur as only being a summer bag. Perhaps you could get away with it when paired with a stunning winter white outfit -- but I personally don't wear winter white so that wouldn't help me. The ebene mini lin -- I think you can use more throughout the year. I just think it's more versatile and very feminine.
  5. I actually have both of these its really hard to say. Azur is great for spring/summer and mini lin for fall/winter.;)
  6. Either bag is lovely. Many have issues with the light color of the Azur. Which can be a eye popping color paired with strong stark colors like black. Softer side really gorgeous with pastels. Ebene is equally lovely which can be worn for all seasons and virtually indestructable. Good luck!
  7. I love both but if I had to choose.........I'd go for Mini Lin. I used mine for 5 months straight and it still looks new. It doesn't sag as much because I use a Purseket inside it. Oh, I've accidentaly spilled soda and tea on this bag and the liquid just "beads" off.

    The handles on the Mini Lin are soft and comfortable. No vachetta to worry about. :yes:
  8. my vote goes to the azur speedy.
  9. Mini lin ebony !!

    I dont like the azur, I saw it in the catalogues and want to buy it. But if I saw it in the store, I was disappointed ...:tdown:
  10. Damier Azur ! I love that bag. So summery.
  11. MINI LIN!!!!! Great bag. Light weight and best of all no Vachetta.

  12. I ever decided between those two bags and I ended up buying both :tup:
  13. I love both, so it's a tough question... I will just point out pros and cons of each. Azur has vachetta and it's light, so as others said, it's more suitable for summer weather. The canvas, however, is virtually indestructible and very easy to clean. The Mini Lin is fabric, so it might be a little more prone to getting snagged if caught on sharp objects and it does pick up lint/animal hairs, so that is something to be cautious about, particularly in the ebene colour. However, it is also easy to maintain and there is no vachetta to worry about. Personally, I think ebene will be better as a year-round bag, whereas Azur is a better summertime bag.
  14. azur 30!!!
  15. I like both but if I had to choose I'd go with the azur- or why not split the difference and get a regular damier speedy?