Please help me decide on style for diamond studs

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  1. I’ve already got a pair of dainty round brilliant studs in 0.5 ctw in a three prong martini setting, but am now craving another pair of larger studs for when I want slightly more bling. For this pair, I’m considering either a 1.5 or 2 ctw - thoughts on which size is subtle enough for everyday wear but still noticeable? Also since I’ve always loved antique cuts, I was wondering maybe I should go that route for this pair, but was also thinking that the type of cut might not super noticeable on the ears. If I did go with antique cuts, I would be considering an eight claw prong setting with antique cushions or the standard martini three prong with old European cuts (pics of some examples I found online attached). Would love any thoughts to help me decide! Thank you :smile:

    CF375B11-7E62-4749-B4C7-915349CC6D4F.jpeg D91ECD03-BB7D-43AF-AD87-7A0D391A1F0B.jpeg CA7E3A59-9BD7-4D78-B5D6-656E9D101450.jpeg
  2. I wear RB 2cttw in martinis every day! I'm petite and they're not overwhelming at all. Substantial enough to wear for dressy occasions and not so large I can't wear everyday with jeans.
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  3. Same as @Swanky . My studs are MRB diamonds in three prong martinis, just under 2ctw (about 6.25 mm each...check diameter over carat weight). I am petite with long hair worn down most of the time and I think they are perfect for every day wear. Of course, 1.5ctw would still be a substantial size increase and I think anything between 1.5ctw and 2ctw (or even 2.5ctw) would be a great size. As much as I admire antique cuts, I think their charm is lost in studs and prefer MRB for studs. But if you decide to go that route, I really like the 8 prong setting pictured above (round over cushion). GL!
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