Please help me decide on NF

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  1. Hi!

    I've been a little out of the LV loop for a while. I hadn't even realized the neo neverfull with orange lining had already come out!

    I adore orange, and I think it would be awesome to have a neverfull with orange lining. I've wanted a neverfull (I have a DE speedy 30 and monogram Eva, as well as some monogram accessories) for a while.

    Did the price increase already happen? Are the neo's straps shorter (may be confusing myself w the large Le pliage bags size and strap changes)?

    I'm not totally sure how I feel about such a large monogram bag... Or so much vachetta. I need some encouragement or someone to kill this lemming (and I'd then eventually get a DE neverfull on eBay MiF).


    Thanks in advance
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    I love my Neo Neverfull ! Nothing has changed as far as the bag dimensions and the strap drop. Feels the same to me and I haven't read anything about the dimensions changing. It is however more expensive than the traditional Neverfull (Neo MM $1160 vs Traditional MM $980). The price on the US website hasn't changed yet, but I've heard there is a price change scheduled for March 1st (not sure if this bag is included). I haven't had a problem with the vachetta,but I did treat it with LMB.

    Good luck with your decision. Can't go wrong with a Neo Neverfull, the pop of color is fun and it doesn't feel like too much of mono print, IMO. I see many people carrying the mono around and I always love the way it looks.

    Have you considered an Epi Neverfull? Some of the colors are just stunning!
  3. I like the Neverfull DE MM :biggrin: but I like simple, go with your gut
  4. I prefer the de
  5. hmmmm DE or DA! so fresh and springy......🌸
  6. I think the mono! I love the new interior colours and its such a great classic, you really can't go wrong. Plus you already have a DE speedy, so I wouldn't go for another DE bag just yet.
  7. Mono w the orange. I love my neo neverfull!
  8. I just exchanged the Pochette Metis for the Neverfull GM in monogram, actually. And I absolutely love it! I think the strap drop length is generous enough; admittedly, I was initially concerned that the straps would be too short. But after trying on the bag, I found that they fit comfortably. And I'm pretty sure the straps of the Neo are the same. As for the print, I personally think the NF looks best in monogram. But it really comes down to personal preference. I bought my mono with the classic tan interior because, well... it's classic! But if you love orange, then definitely jump on it because the interior colors are seasonal, meaning once they're gone, they're gone. And a side note: I had considered getting the DE NF, but after doing my homework on the bag, I found a lot of negative commentary regarding the quality of the straps (i.e. cracking, peeling, etc. of the glazing). So that was definitely a contributing factor that helped me decide on the mono NF.

    I think both bags are beautiful, classic, and timeless. You really can't go wrong with either choice. Hope that helps, and let us know what you end up getting :smile:
  9. You're right about the straps... I always conveniently forget about that issue... hmm

    The SA told me he expected orange would be around a little longer than a typical seasonal because orange isn't wildly popular haha

    Why do you think monogram is the best print in NF?
  10. I think it really just comes down to personal preference. One thing I like about the mono NF is the vachetta. I know others have mentioned how the bag doesn't age as well as the DE print, but I disagree. I think it looks beautiful with a patina. Plus I've always been a mono girl - it's my favorite print, so I may be a tad bit biased :P

  11. Off topic but what is LMB? I've seen a few posts about it but can't figure it out lol
  12. LMB = Lovin My Bags, it's a product used to protect and clean vachetta.