Please help me decide on my LAST bag...

  1. ...well- for a long while anyway :smile:
    This decision is so important because it's my last bag before I go on a ban and want it to be right!
    So my search for the perfect gray bag has been narrowed down to two:
    Anna Corinna City Tote in Steel
    Botkier Bryant in Gray
    *the price difference isn't too big of a deal b/c I have 30% discount codes for both*

    My real concern is whether or not the AC is too trendy...? I am a mom (still fairly cool- ha) but don't want to be trying too it too "young"? Will this bag look dated in a few years? Also concerned that it's too big, but know the mini is just too small for me...

    I love the elephant gray of the Botkier and it seems more "classic", but is pretty pricey, even with the discount. If the Bianca came in this gray (not the lighter snakeskin) that would be my choice...

    Argh- I love them both but can only have one...what to do??? Opinions? Other options? TIA!!!:flowers:
    ANNA-WY7_V1.jpg Botkier-GRY.jpg
  2. Hmm, I'm a Mom also (2 daughters). Could you purchase both bags and then see which one you like better? Or have you already seen both irl?

    Finally, are you in a rush to purchase the bag? It seems that you are not 100% certain on either bag so why not wait until you find one that you truly love- no questions asked?

    Good luck making the decision!!!
  3. I love the AC bag and hope to get one in the near future. I am a mom, too. NOT a young mom. I am 41 with three teenagers and I am still getting that bag. The Botkier is nice, too. I just love the AC and I love that it is convertible.
  4. I vote for the AC city tote in steel ... that's a gorgeous bag! I've eyeing that one for a while ... I just love the color!
  5. def anna corinna :yes:
  6. I like the Anna Corinna better myself ... beautiful colour! But it also depends on how you want to carry it ... that looks like it would be a hand carry bag only, but the othe bag looks like you could hand carry it, over the arm or maybe even on the shoulder. What would be more convenient? I would also wait though until you're absolutely sure though ... so you're completey happy! They're both nice.
  7. Have you seen the new grey Tods carey satchel? It is a beautiful grey bag, but pricey as well.
  8. I loved the AC Tote that I tried on in the store. My vote is for that in the steel. I'm not sure if you have read the previous threads on AC City Totes, but there are variations in the leather, depending on color. The black leather (not the glazed) seems to be the most "professional" looking, where the other leathers are more unfinished or urban looking. Not sure if that matters at all to you.

    I tried the regular city tote at Nordie's and it fit all my mommy-stuff too! ;) So I think it would be perfect...
  9. Have you seen both bags IRL?
    Stylistically, they are such different bags and the workmanship/leather is also not of the same quality (hence the price difference?). The last AC bag that I saw in this style was not lined and I thought the leather strap was skimpy at best and the leather was pretty thin. I like the style, but the quality was not "there" for me. Good luck with your decision:smile:
  10. This one seems more versatile if your hands are full.

  11. My vote's for the Botkier. But I think you should hold off if you're not wowed by either.
  12. Botkier
  13. Betnyp, you are looking at the regular AC city tote, right? The mini is really small - more like a personal handbag. But the regular AC has the shoulder strap too and I tried it on with stuff in it (top folded down) and it looked great - not like a bloated fish that I feared it would be. I just love the color and would probably be able to overlook the more unfinished aspects of the bag.

    Your Botkier choice reminds me of the thread on the ko.des bags. They are pretty cool too.
  14. Actually, both bags could be worn over the shoulder. I have never seen the Anna Corinna tote IRL but imagine it might be a bit unwieldy (ie: do you have to unfold it each time to access the interior?). I prefer the Botkier's looks.
  15. I think the Boktier is more classic looking that you'll be able to carry for years and years, but I agree with a couple of the other folks, if you're not totally in love and it's not screaming "PICK ME!" might want to hold off if you can. Good luck! :smile: