please help me decide on my first LV purchase

  1. Hi!! I'm really excited on buying my first LV this week. I'm actually buying it tomorrow (the SA said that the price increase will be on Wed 1/21/08) but I need your help in making my decision. What do you think should i buy as my first bag? I wanted something classic but not too costly. Was really thinking about Speedy 30 what do you think? Any inputs would help! Thanks:smile:
  2. Speedy 30!!! It's the perfect bag!!! I love it so much....I have 4!! Great bag and great price.
  3. That is a good choice.
  4. Perfect choice - my favorite of my collection too!
  5. Perfect And Right Choice!
  6. good choice for your first LV! good luck!
  7. Speedy 30 is a wonderful first the next question mono, damier, or azur?