Please help me decide on my first Gucci tote

  1. Hi all! I was wondering if you guys could help me out.:smile:
    I am fairly new to Gucci!:shame: Now I am ready for my first Gucci bag. :p
    However I’m torn between the New Britt Large Tote and the Abbey Large Tote (either with the white/cream trim). Do you have a particular preference to one of these?



    The Abbey tote is gorgeous but… does it fit over the shoulder comfortably? :confused1:
    I need something that is versatile and easy to tote around for work and on weekends. I tend to wear mostly black and I'm 5'6" if it helps.
    Would love to hear your suggestions, ladies!! TIA!! :flowers:
    Thanks for helping! :smile:
  2. I've never really held either, but I love the clean lines of the britt. They are both beautiful.
  3. I like the Britt the best too! The Abbey is just more square looking...I like the thinner strap on the Britt better.
  4. i love the abbey! i think that the britt if too full the skinny straps would hurt your shoulder?
  5. Thanks All for responding! :flowers:

    Can Abbey large tote fit over the shoulder comfortably?
    Thanks for helping! :smile:
  6. I have the abbey. Very cute. Straps are kinna short though... i have to adjust so it can sit right. Totally worth the sale price of $399.
  7. hahaha that was my dilemma during the Gucci sale (between the same two bags). I ultimately chose the new britt tote.. I thought it as more aesthetically pleasing. I haven't really used it yet (afraid to bring it to high school.. but will probably use it next semester) but it's really big and fits comfortably over my shoulder.
  8. I have the abbey and it is a tight squeeze on my shoulder. I do sometimes wear it on my shoulder but mostly carry it on my arm.
  9. I love the look of the britt more.
  10. I vote for the Britt too!
  11. i love them both..
  12. can't go wrong with either one... i love both of them!

    though, the britt looks like it would fit more comfortably on the shoulder...
  13. I have the Large Gucci Britt above with Cream trim and I have a Large pink Abbey. The abbey does not fit as comforably over the shoulder as the Britt. I love love love my Britt bag!!! It fits everything and feels comfortable on me. I usually just end up carrying the abbey in my hands instead over the shoulder.

    Here are the pics of me wearing both a britt and abbey so you can see the drop


  14. deff britt
  15. I prefer the Abbey for practicality. The straps on the New Britt are quite thin and will hurt more on the shoulder when carrying a heavier load. The Abbey's straps are thick and flat, distributing pressure more evenly.