Please help me decide on my first ever designer purse...


Aug 10, 2008
Hello everyone!!

I am new here and I have always, always wanted a designer purse. I have come on this forum often just to drool over everyone's purses but never had the chance to actually purchase a designer purse before.

A long, long time ago my mom promised me that when I graduated with a BA and got into dental school that she would buy me a designer purse! I have finally accomplished that! My family was never "well off" per se so I never really had the luxury of a designer purse before. However, my dad has recently lost his job so I had really held off on it. I was going to settle for a wallet since it was cheaper but it never really fell through :P (okay i just really wanted a
Recently my mom remembered her promise and insisted that she must keep her promise. I did not want her to pay for the purse all by herself, so I asked her and all of my family members chip in to get me a purse. (My older brother, my parents, and aunt/uncle)
I have always really liked the way gucci purses looked! I was wondering if any of you could help me find a good deal, or suggest a style for me. To tell you the truth the prices on the gucci sites are a bit :nuts: to me. But I don't support buying fakes--as I am sure all of you agree. I just want a new purse but don't want my family to spend too much.

The styles that I have seen that really like are the "britt" and "Boston"


I really like the combination of white/beige

I don't really want my family to spend more than 500 dollars. I know it may sound kind of unreasonable but if anyone could help me that would be really great!!! I am not familiar with too many websites, and am a little bit wary of ebay. I also live in a really small town and the only designer purses available are "Coach" and "Dooney and Bourke". So I would have to purchase online.

Oh and I am really sorry if I am posting in the wrong section/off topic. I am new to posting here so I'm sorry if I've broken any rules!!!

Thank you everyone!!!!
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Sep 17, 2008
Connecticut & Florida
Hi there-
I have the Britt in brown. I love it. It does not have a clasp, magnet or zipper to keep it closed, so if that bothers you- get the other bag. The Britt is a classic. Very roomy too. I checked out the link you provided. Please email the seller of the Britt and ask for clear pictures of the Gucci heat stamp, and the date stamp behind it. Be sure to have the bag authenticated on the "authenticate this" thread by posting the link and the additional pictures. If the seller does not send you the additional pictures, be suspect- regardless of their feedback rating. I would like your first designer purchase to be a good one! Good luck!!