Please help me decide on my first Chanel

  1. Hi everyone. I am new to Chanel and I wanted to let you all know how much I have learned from these boards and appreciate you ladies' imput!

    Anyway, I am thinking about finally purchasing a Chanel before the price increases take effect. Between the two, would you choose the Large Cambon Tote in the black/black combination or the Black Baby Cabas? (My SA is holding them and I have to decide this weekend.)

    I am having a hard time deciding and feeling guilty about making such a big purchase for myself. I'm not sure if I am going to go through with it.

    Please help a crazy girl. :smile:
  2. I look at the Cambon line as a "younger" line. So, based on my age (late 30's), I would go for the Cabas.
  3. Black Baby Cabas:smile:
  4. Slightly off-topic, but how much is the Baby Cabas now?

  5. I was on the waitlist for the new fall shipment and the price is currently $1995
  6. I would have to agree with everyone else and say the Cabas over the Cambon. With all of the fake Cambons out there, it's really turned me off to the bag. That's just my opinion though. My first Chanel is going to be a black GST, but I'd love to see a Cabas in person, it's really grown on me in pictures. Hmmm....
  7. I would get the black Baby Cabas..... that is one versatile bag.
  8. I agree with SArCal .... too many faken cambons!

    Get the Baby Cabas!!!
  9. cabas.
  10. Baby Cabas!
  11. Out of the two choices, I'd go for the black baby Cabas! :smile:
  12. These are two completely different handbags. You need to decide if you like structured or unstructured bags. Some people can't stand their stuff getting jumbled around. Definitely go to the store and check them out IRL.
  13. Cabas. I agree with above that the fake cambons totally scared me away from that line. I'm sure there are fake cabas too, but the cambons are EVERYWHERE.
  14. I have both Cambon large tote and Baby Cabas. I love both of them but I would suggest you to go for a baby cabas as it is fresh and newer.