Please help me decide on m/l or jumbo beige.

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Which one should I get m/l or jumbo beige cavier ?

  1. M/L beige cavier gold hardware

    16 vote(s)
  2. Jumbo beige cavier gold hardware

    4 vote(s)
  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg Hi,
    Please help me decide on which one to get. I'm torn between the m/l beige cavier gold hardware or jumbo beige cavier with gold hardware. It's such a beautiful color combo but I just don't know which route to go. I love both bag equally. HELP!

    Also, with this color combo is it consider dressy/formal?

    Btw, I'm 5'2 and petite. No shape.

    Thank you!
  2. yes, you look great wearing both. I guess to decide between the two sizes, think about this.... For the occasions that you want to use this bag, most of the time, is the ml big enough for all your stuff? If yes, then go for the ml. the ml can transit from day to night easily, and is cheaper than the jumbo. you can use the difference in amount to buy a matching slg.
    if most of the time, the ml does not have enough capacity for your stuff, then go for jumbo since you obviously need a higher capacity bag than the ml.

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  3. I'm 5'0 and I love the m/l size over the jumbo. I have the exact same caviar bag with gold in the m/l. I do admit it does feel dressier, but it really depends on the outfit you choose to wear it with. I've worn it dressed up for night time, but also with a pair of jeans during the day.

    I personally love wearing the m/l longer as a shoulder bag with the strap longer. I agree that it really depends on how much you want to put in the bag, for me m/l is plenty of room for my every day bits and bobs.

    Good luck! They both look fantastic.
  4. Thank you for replying and giving me your advice.
    Honestly, I don't know what occasion I will be wearing. Good question. I don't know if I want it to go to wedding or wear it for causal lunch date or brunch with family. I currently don't go to a lot of places, since I have three little toddlers. But one day when the kids are older I can probably have a date and wear it more often. Lol.
    As far as how much stuff I carry daily. It's doesn't really matter. If I'm wearing my woc. I fitted everything in it. If I wear my lv neverfull I will put more stuff and junk in it. If I wear a wristlet it fitted to. I guessed I always accommodate to the bag.
    So it really doesn't make a different. I just want to make sure what bag is right for me before the price increase.
  5. Thank you for replying and giving me your input.
    I'm happy to hear that you love the m/l. I like it long one chain on the shoulder too. When I wear the m/l double strapped I don't like it because it feels to small. When you wear it with a pair of jean are you dressing up or more casual? Also do you get color transferred on a beige bag? Any picture with you wearing it?
  6. Oh thank you so much for posting this! I am also trying to make this decision but I dont have a boutique close by to try out... It really depends on when you will use it.
    They both look fabulous on you. Looking at what you have said about what you cary I would advice you to get the M/L. I have a Jumbo and a M/L and I love both to bits , but I find carrying the M/L is enough for what I usually step out with. I take the Jumbo if I really need to carry make up or wipes and all. But that also makes the bag tad bit heavy..
    The Jumbo does look stunning on you though and I dont think it looks too big on you at all. LOve it! Pl let us know when u decide!
  7. since u r able to adapt to the capacity of the bag u r carrying, then get the ml. it's more versatile. Much lighter than the jumbo. Why lug around unnecessary weight?
  8. Thank you!! I do have a black m/l ghw and jumbo shw. And I haven't really use any Bc I have been so busy Catering to my baby. But since she is officially 1. I feel like I can slowly be a women again:smile:. When I saw this beige with gold hardware my heart just like wow. I need it. Lol. It's so beautiful! I just have a hard time choosing. I like the idea the jumbo is roomier and looks good with both chain. But I also like how the m/l looks with long chain on the shoulder. It's looks like you can look cute wearing it with a dress. But with this color combo the SA says it's very formal. So it make me question. Bc honestly with three young kids I dorm go to any formal event.
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  9. Thank you! Good point . And straight forward! Love it
  10. Hi Khanh,

    I actually think the jumbo size look so grand on you. And your son in the background is so cute. Remind me if my own son about the same age completely focus on something else but the bag:smile:. I'm looking for beige. Do u mind me asking which store did you go to? TIA!.
  11. Thank you! Chanel boutique at south beach Florida
  12. I hear ya! I have a 5 year old and a 10 month old baby and I havent been able to step out looking fabulous in a looooong time. But here I am as well looking for a beige CF which I may just model around the house in my fancy clothes in the middle of the night after I have nursed my son back to sleep!!! But its a classic bag and when you are ready to start having a social life again it will still look fresh!!
  13. Sorry I have always been partial to big bags so Jumbo please hehehe
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  14. Lol!! I know exactly what you mean. I been wearing clothes that are easy access to the boobs for the last five years!! Nurses all three kids. And I can't wait for My one year old to be ready done with nursing. Then maybe I can dress up a little more. In the mean time I just dream.

    Btw, I actually went back to the boutique the same day Because I wanted to wear a dress to see how the bag would look. I originally came in legging and a shirt.
  15. What a tough decision!!! I think both works for you.... Really depends on what you plan to use it for. I personally like the beige in a smaller size so I would have to say m/l, I believe there's even rectangular mini coming out later this year (I think maybe cruise collection!).