please help me decide on first bag

  1. Hi -I can't decide on a Jumbo flap or GST for a first purchase- I like my purses medium- to- big. The only thing that bothers me a little about the GST is it is so open. Maybe there is something similar but with a zip?
  2. ...doesn't GST have zipper? if not, i am sure there's other Chanel tote have zipper out there, sry can't identify any for you b/c i am new to Chanel too ^^;
  3. Both bags are classic, so you can't go wrong either way. What color are you planning to get? Do you like flap bag(it's harder to get things in and out compare to GST)?
  4. I am thinking basic black or beige- I tried on both at neiman's and loved both- I loved the size of the GST but wish It was more closed up- I am a teacher-how much fits in the zipper part?
  5. The GST has three compartments and the middle one has a zipper closure. It works out well for putting your wallet in that zipped compartment. I'm liking it but it's a good bit different than the flap bags. It's definitely bigger and structured.
  6. redrobin, have you looked at the medallion tote? It is one of the larger Chanel bags and it has a zipper closure. However, it doesn't have a chain strap instead it is a leather strap. But it is very pretty and may fit your requirements.
  7. I didn't think the medallion tote was comfortable for some reason