= Please help me decide on first bag ( I'm in dilemma!!!): newbie for balenciaga =

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  1. I plan to buy a balenciaga city. This is for sure.
    However, I can't decide which bag should I get.
    The main thing that I concern is the weight of the bag.
    I just bought Chloe paraty in medium size, and I find she is too heavy to carry all day long. This make me don't want to use the bag so often, though she is a gorgeous bag.

    However, I really want to have a city bag. Here are some questions.
    1. Should I get rh city or mini stud city. Again the weight plays big role for me.
    I personlly love mini studs and I always want one. I'm just a bit scary about the weight. I'm honestly not too sure if I'm the tassels girls cos I'm afraid they may bother me when using?
    2. Which color should I get for a first bag? I'm eying Gris Tarmac and black or other dark color.
    The thing is i m not sure this will be my only bbag that i will purchase or not cos I will need to see if I really like her when I use her first. I love the look , but I always have problems with bags I bought after. For example, I love the look of paraty so much , but I don't use often since too heavy.

    Thank you for answer girls.
  2. I used to be a Chloe girl and I can tell you this - Bals are a fraction of Chloes in weight. :yes:
  3. The rh and the mini hardware are both really light bags. And black would be a great choice for a first bal bag:smile:
  4. I'm also looking to get my first Balenciaga. I like timeless bags, and even more so when they are lightweight. I would pick the gris tarmac, but only because it's a unique departure from the popular black. Please post pics when you get your City! :smile:
  5. I carry bags of grocery and my balenciaga ... no problem !

    As for colour, subtle color which you think you will carry it all the time works best ...
  6. Hi. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm ready to buy my first Bal and for sure going for a city. I purchased 2 Alexander Wang Roccos and as much as I :heart: the look of the bag, it is just too darn heavy. I kept 1 and got rid of the other. Not a great everyday bag.

    I've heard the regular hw city is light so that's what I'm going for, plus I like tassels. I'm going on Saturday to Bal NY and hopefully will come home with a new bag..

    If there are any colors you would like me to take pics of just let me know.
  7. I think most girls will choose black as their 1st BB if she likes the dark color. Coz it's easy to go with your wardrobe. If you already have lots of black bags, you can choose Gris Tarmac. Grey is a substitution for black in some cases.

    No need to worry about the weight. BB is very light.
  8. I'm planning to get one too, but most of my bags are in black. I'm thinking purple but I'm worry that would be too hard to match on everyday use. Please help!!
  9. City RH or mGH (g12 hardware) are both very lightweight bags.
    A city is a great choice for a first Bal, and the spectrum of colours they offer have something for everyone. Of course there is black which is a true classic. If you want a dark bag, that goes with everything just like black but a little different, there is gris tarmac, poker fonce, dark night.... Loads of interesting colours that are different from standard black but are very wearable.
    If you can, see the bags IRL, feel the leather and see what you like most. It will be for sure not your last Bal....
  10. Thanks for the advise. I really like the bag, just can't decide on the color. I have too many black bags since its the classic, and easy to match.
  11. Gris Tarmac is a lovely color. Even with GH it's not that heavy. RH is extremely lightweight.
  12. Dear DearestGirl,
    1. I'm not a big fan of the tassels since they can turn uglee when they split ( my old first did this and I sold it coz I cannot stand them). :P So my vote is for the mini stud. I'm not sure about the weight though since I never own one but it should be about the same as the rh. If weight isnt a concern I'd go for giant hardware though.:graucho:
    2. Black is a safe color for your 1st balen but I personally feel with all the many wonderful color choices out there you should get something else instead of black. Balen is known for its wonderful colors after all :loveeyes:
  13. I have a dark purple bag (not Bal) and I love it. I was truly surprised at how neutral a color it turned out to be. I use it like a black bag, but it's so much more fun than black. People would stop me on the street to ask me about that bag.

    Also, I like the RH best, but that's just my personal choice.
  14. Try different color, you'll find a lots of fun.