please help me decide on Expandable color!!!!

  1. Hi ladies.....please help....i had posted yesterday that got my HG, the Expandable flap - the one from last year before the price hike, in camel leather. And that it seemed to sag alot in the middle even when full. Today i went to Saks and checked out their dark brown one, from this year, for a few hundred dollars more (but if i buy it, and return the camel, would get an ECG card - on Saturday!!!) I tried on the brown with my stuff in it and it doesnt seem to sag half as much as the camel does, and the leather seemed a tad sturdier. The dark brown is the one with the handles attached at the top, making one handle. Question: should i keep the camel which was $2,395 with no tax because it was sent to me, although it has more of a slouch (and picks up dirt a tad more); or buy the dark brown which goes better with all my pastels, has less of a slouch, but is $2650? (but getting the EGC would make higher price more palpable somehow, KWIM? although i could not use the card on the purchase of the dark brown.

    i know it sounds like an insane thing to be obsessed about with all the stuff going on in the world, but somehow i think you guys understand!

    So, dark brown? or keep camel?

    TIA :heart:
  2. oooh I love the older version but I think with the sagging issue I would lean towards the dark brown for egc......good luck whatever you decide and I'll see you there on saturday!
  3. Hmmm, well if you love the dark brown as much as the camel, given that it sags less, and the leather seems sturdier, you might want to get the dark brown (and I'm not saying that just because I have it haha). :p I actually prefer the look of the single handle, newer expandable, but that's just me... either way it's a freakin gorgeous bag!! :love:

    Plus, you mentioned that the dark brown might compliment the clothes you wear better... so I'd also take that into consideration if you love the color as much as the camel! :smile: Paying more for what is basically the same bag does suck, but the EGC card you'd get might lessen the "Crap, I have to pay more" blow. ;)
  4. Hrm I think you might get more use out of the dark brown because you said it would compliment your wardrobe more than your camel. Both are lovely colors. If you're truly worried about dirt marks being more noticeable or not keen on the slouchy appearance of the camel, go for the dark brown. Heh I think I'm convincing myself to go for the dark brown instead of camel. Up to you! Whichever one you choose, love it, wear it!
  5. i like the beige alot better, looks younger and more chic IMO.
  6. i have the brown one and absolutely love it. it is such a neutral all year round color.
  7. thanks again, girls! ahhhhhh still not sure..will bring my camel and compare - which one sags the most!!!! :s
    Sheanabelle, what time will you be there? oh how nice! how will i recognize you???
  8. Dark brown. It really doesn't seem like you like the way the camel is at all. Better to spend a little more and be completely happy, then save a bit of money on something that bugs you.
  9. go with the beige
  10. if it wasn't for the sagging I'd say keep the camel it's a very chic colour as said above plus that I love the older style.Anyhow can you stuff the brown in the store and have some rounds just to check if it does the same sagging?;)
  11. Dark Brown all the way. I love that beautiful Chocolate Brown color. Plus it seems like it'll be better suited for you and your wardrobe.
  12. I agree.
  13. I have the newer version in RED and DARK BROWN....In all honesty..I really regret not buying the camel one when I had a chance!LOL!I adore that color IRL!U must keep it!