Please help me decide on Alma BB

Which Alma ?

  • Vernis Magenta

    Votes: 30 81.1%
  • Monogram

    Votes: 7 18.9%

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Jul 5, 2007
This will be my first Alma. I'm looking for a bag that I can take out for casual dinner, casual nights with friends maybe a comedy club or sporting event.

I have adored owning my Speedy 25 Mono. Watching and helping her develop a honey Patina over the last 18 months has been a passion for me. I imagine the Alma BB with her vachetta bottom would be the ultimate labor of love:heart: . But, part of me wants a beautiful Vernis. A pretty color that has a different personality and she's all ready to go from the second I inbox her. The thought of twirling that magenta Alma around excites me in another way.

If anyone can give me insight into what direction they might go or suggest I go. I would appreciate it. I really can only afford one.

My current bags are mono Speedy 25 and DE NF MM
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Oct 9, 2016
I'd go for vernis. Mine's in Amarante, and I carried her on my roadtrip with my fiancé, absolutely carefree yet still so beautiful and classy :smile:

I'm not sure about the monogram alma Bb, although i would totally get the speedy b 25 in mono. There's something about the alma BB's shape and look that i think vernis or even epi suits it so well!
Maybe it's the uniformity of the print for vernis (or lack of print for epi). The mono alma BB looks a bit too busy for such a small and structured bag IMO

You also mention ownjng the mono speedy 25 and DE NF, so why not go for a vernis alma BB as your first vernis? Having said that i really dont mind finger print on mine, but mine's in an almost blackish colour while yours would-be is magenta, so think whether you will mind the finger prints..

Hope this helps and congrats on getting it! It's a great bag :smile:


Mar 9, 2008
i love alma bb and own epi, vernis and monogram. i use the epi most of all by far, so it's worth at least considering. having said that, if you don't like epi, i think i would go with vernis for variety. just choose a color that you absolutely love, because that makes all the difference. magenta looks very nice and i find that with vernis and epi colors, you will use it with outfits you might not have considered before, at least i do. best of luck with your decision : )


May 7, 2012
In my opinion , the vernis will work for all occasions you mentioned except the sporting events . I find the Vernis Alma bb to be a bit on the dressy side . But you do own the speedy mono so you could always carry that instead . I own an Alma bb in Epi electric and only carry her for times i get dressed up and go out . I do love the Mono Alma bb . Its so cute ! Good luck deciding :smile: