Please help me decide on a Pomme D' Amour bag for Mom's 54th Birthday

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Please help me decide on a Pomme D'Amour bag for Mom's 54th Birthday :)

  1. Wilshire Boulevard

  2. Bellevue PM

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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents. My mom will be turning 54 years young on Tuesday 2/2/10 and I would like to get her a Pomme D' Amour bag to add color to her bag collection. Right now, she has Speedy 25 in Azur, NF GM, and a Keepall 55. I currently have two Pomme bags on hold which are:

    Wishire Blvd. - she LVOES it for it's simplicity and clean boxy shape.

    Bellevue PM - she LVOES the shape and the contrast of Vernis against vachetta.

    Mom normally carries a checkbook wallet, cellphone, 2 small bottles of medicine, a small pack of crackers (she's diabetic), and a pen.

    She has no idea I will be getting for her. I'm so torn because mom never returns/exchanges anything I give her so I have to make the right decision. Please help and could you also please tell me why you voted for the bag you voted. Thank you ladies and gents in advance :smile:
  2. Get her the Bellevue. I don't think she will appreciate the shallowness and lack of closure on the Wilshire.
  3. Wilshire Boulevard
  4. I agree with Designing Style and her taste is always impecable! I'm 52. To me the Wilshire is too open. What about an Alma though? Gorgeous style for a mom. Out of your choices though I agree on the Bellevue.
  5. Bellevue PM - I really do not like the lack of a zipper on the wilshire. To me, it is not a year round bag.
  6. The Wilshire is adorable and fun but not very practical. I am not a fan of the angles of Bellevue PM but if she likes the shape - then it will be a great bag for her.

    Have you thought about the new mini alma in vernis? It comes with a really long shoulder strap so you can wear it over your shoulder and it sits right at your hip when you wear it. I really love that bag. . . I have been thinking about it all day.
  7. Wilshire for sure. I have one and I love it
  8. It's neck and neck so far. Any negative experiences on either one of the bags?
  9. I have the Wilshire in Rose Pop - the color drew me to it more than the actual style of the bag. I NEVER USE IT! It might be because I am not the satchel type or because the closure does not completely close the bag and that makes me nervous. The Wilshire is a beautiful bag but it does not fit my life.

    Take a look at the bag your mother uses the most and choose the bag most similiar to it.
  10. the bellevue seems more practical, more spacious, can carry on shoulder. charleston-mom's idea of the alma sounds perfect! the bellevue is a great choice of the two bags:smile: good luck, it's very nice to get your mom a louis.
  11. another vote for bellevue=)
    i don't like the box-ness of the wilshire. the way its just open on top reminds me of a child's first tote when she's playing dress up. the only advantage to the wilshire may be that it has no vachetta.
  12. Between your 2 choices, I vote for the Bellevue for all the reasons previously mentioned :smile:
  13. I like both, but I voted Wilshire. Only because I am not a huge fan of patina'ed leather on pomme.
  14. Bellevue
  15. Oh man it's still neck and neck. My eyes are already straining going back and forth comparing both bags at the LV website LOL!