Please help me decide on a LouLou!

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  1. i can’t decide between black and silver hardware. Looooooove the black but am worried about the chipping..... especially because the chain constantly grates against the holes

    Also- the size- I suit both medium and small- any advice on which to go for??
  2. Small is more chic in general....but you may have some chipping with the black hardware given other's experiences. Although, I haven't had those issues with a Kate bag I have with black hardware.
  3. I like larger bags, so my vote is for the medium. I was debating between the large and medium. :smile:
  4. Thanks a lot- helpful. Does anyone have long term experience of black HW on the lou lou style with that chain grating??
  5. I don‘t like black hardware at all so my vote goes to the silver!
  6. Silver hardware. If you need to wear it crossbody, small. Otherwise, medium.
  7. I tried both on crossbody and am not a huge fan of the way they stick out: I would wear both in the shoulder: I’m now leaning to silver, mainly because I’m so scared of chipping on the black!! Size wise, it may sound silly but I would adapt to the bag- I don’t carry much on a daily basis anyway (phone, card case, lip balm, compact...
  8. Sorry forgot to add- if I have a bigger bag I just fill it up anyway... ok now I’m doing my own head in! Why are these decisions so difficult
  9. I used to want the small, but this made me decide the medium is the best size for me.

    Also, yes, the small looks a bit too big that it kinda sticks out. The toy is a little too small though. lol.
  10. I like the medium size with silver hardware