Please help me decide on a le fab!

  1. Hi all, I don't often post in this forum and am usually on the Hermes and Chanel areas. I have had a continued draw to the Le Fab bag and have to give in at this point. I am hopefully to get a gently used one on eBay but need your advice on maintenance and color. I love the white color but am very worried about maintenance on that one ...and this is a bag that I'd like to be able to use and not baby...
    So which color would you recommend and why? thanks!
  2. Nice to see you here!
    I'd personally go for one of the discontinued colors like blue or plum. If you don't want to have to hunt one down though, the black is really durable, but the white has never really seemed to have issues. It's pretty tough and IMO is one of the most durable white bags out there. You shouldn't have to baby the Suhali line at all.
  3. ^^thanks so much for the warm welcom and the advice LVbabydoll!
  4. Black is gorgeous! I haven't seen the blue in person but it looks pretty versatile in pics.

    My personal favorite is the white. I think it would hold up pretty well. I don't think you would need to baby it but I certainly be thoughtful as to where I was setting it. But, really I think about that with all my bags.

    My vote says go for the white since that's what you like and don't worry about babying it.
  5. No problem! You're always so nice when I venture into the Chanel forum hehe. :wlae:
    I also agree with Lisa, just be cognizant of where you're setting it which I'm sure you do anyway, and you'll be fine.
  6. thanks Lisa and :heart: Lvbaby!! I am sort of torn between the blue, white and black...Plum is lovely but I don't think I would wear it as much...
    I guess I haven't narrowed down too much! :smile:
  7. I personally would not go for the white cuz I'm a chicken lol, but like Rebecca said, no one seemed to have posted any complaints about this colour (maybe this might also be because not many people can afford Suhali bags???), so I guess if you really like it, then get it!:yes:
  8. Well i would go with the Black, Blue, Plum, or Red.
  9. I would go with the black -- I think that it looks the most striking.
  10. i think you can't go wrong with any of the colors you've narrowed down: black, white or blue. black will definitely be one of those bags that will last you for an eternity and will go with everything. white is great but i'm afraid to get the INSIDE dirty. and the blue is just....breathtaking but not for everyone as the edges typically turn darker than the rest of the bag. it may bother some people if the bag isn't all 1 color over time.
  11. I saw the black over the weekend, & it was striking. I vote for black because for a $4,000. bag, I wouldn't want to worry about messing it up. I would like one too, & have also wondered about what color to choose. It is gorgeous in any color. Good luck.
  12. I have the blue and white Stacy!! I love them both.. :love: And the white is not difficult to maintain at all.. everything wipes off the leather very easily! :yes:
  13. Hi!! If you can get hold of plum, then get that. But i would totally get black! Sooo classy!!!
    I know lots of people really like the blue but i just think that black/plum makes the gold hw really pop!! Can't wait to see pics! xx
  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE white Suhali...I played around with the white Le Fab two weeks ago and LOVED it. Black is nice too but if I had to choose I'd go with white!
  15. I think the plum is stunning.