Please help me decide on a color for my 1st boy

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking to buy the boy in size new medium but torn about the color. At first I had my heart set on black but after many sleepless night I am now torn between black and navy. I currently own a few chanel. Here are my small collection

    Gst - black
    Medallion tote - black
    Classic flap - black
    Timeless clutch - black
    Mini flap - red
    Half moon woc - navy
    Quilted woc - beige Claire

    Please help me because I am really torn between the two colors.

    Thank you.
  2. Looks like you have plenty of black, go w navy! It's just as gorgeous to me! Diversify your collection!
  3. +1
  4. Go Navy! But I think red would be a great option too!
  5. Navy!!

    There are many beautiful Boy colors that just came out today as well.

    I think you have enough black and time to try something else!
  6. Thanks everyone. I'll go to the store tomorrow and check out the bag. Hopefully, they will have it for me to try and make my purchase. Thanks.
  7. Navy would be really pretty!
  8. Navy!
  9. navy!
  10. Navy, you have a lot of black in your collection already.
  11. Thanks all. I went to Saks and was able to try in both size. The old medium works better for me. Eve though it doesn't hold as much as the new medium but it's fit my body frame better since I am petite.

    When I tried the new medium it's boxy and it doesn't look right. Also, I ended up getting the Navy. Can't wait for it to be deliver.

    Thanks all for the help.
  12. NAVY! I also have all black bags and with all the navy reveals am starting to find my black boring and am craving a navy question...NAVY!
  13. I'm with the 'Navy' crowd! I just got my Boy in Navy, I love the color so much. I already have 3 black bags (2 Chanel) and wanted to diversify a bit and am so glad I did.

    I see you got the old medium in Navy, congrats! I know you can't wait to get it :smile:
  14. ok....I know you said black or Navy but what about silver or grey, great neutral and I saw the silver in NM the other day and it was lovely!!
  15. So glad you purchased the navy! Don't forget to do a reveal:smile:)