Please help me decide on a clutch!

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  1. Hey guys! In a couple of days I'm looking to get a new clutch, and I'm torn between the YSL Cassandre (no tassle) or the Chanel. Price isn't too big of an issue, but mainly the size. The Chanel is sized at 6.7x11.8 in and YSL is at 5x10.5 in.

    I want something comfortable to carry and functional, yet bold. What do you guys think? :smile:

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  2. Although I like the clean and simple look of the YSL, I think the Chanel makes more of a statement. The quilting is sophisticated, yet the overall design also has a little bit of edge to it. Both are beautiful pieces though, very classic and they would be the perfect addition to any outfit. A tough choice indeed!
  3. If bold is what you're going for, then I vote for the Chanel! The YSL is lovely but not particularly special. A hybrid of the two styles is the Chanel clutch with a chain.
  4. I don't think either qualify as "bold" but I do prefer the Chanel to YSL.
  5. Both - because of their sizes and shapes - read a bit like "oversized" wallets, imo. Not very bold... and due to the slim profile and small dimensions, not very practical either.

    For something with more spaciousness and visual impact... I'd recommend an Alexander McQueen De Manta clutch...

  6. Love the Chanel! To me the YSL looks like a wallet not really a clutch. The Chanel is beautiful!
  7. I vote Chanel!
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    This all day!

    I must confess that neither bag did it for me, OP. And I was going to recommend a YSL BDJ but remembered you were looking for something with a wow factor.

    I read newmommy_va's comment and had to agree wholeheartedly.

    Good luck!


    Just remembered that doreenjoy shared a Ferragamo clutch that gave me clutch envy in the Show us your clutches/wristlets/pouches/chain wallets and other dainty purses! thread.