Please help me decide my Pale Magenta & Electric Blue Combo


Which combo should I go for?

  1. pale magenta Day & electric blue Work

  2. pale magenta Day & electric blue Day

  3. pale magenta First & electric blue Day

  4. pale magenta Day & electric blue First

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  1. I'm on the wait list for both the pale magenta & electric blue at NM and I need help in deciding which style in what color I should get. Any comments/advices would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
  2. I voted for Pale Magenta Day and Electric Blue First. How are you stranger!!!
  3. I voted PM First and EB Day. You can fit a lot in a Day bag, almost as much as you can in a Work! and I think the PM would be gorgeous in a little First. Everyone needs a little Bbag :smile:
  4. Hey Kim!

    Kim & KDC--I have a lilac first and while I love it to pieces, there are definitely times where I feel there's not enough room for everything I need to fit in my bag. I list the first as options because I worry the colors might be too much for a bigger size bag...sorry I'm not making it easy:smile:
  5. I like to get a work with RH in this color and yes a day for sure.
  6. I vote for the choice #1 because the Work is my fav style!!!
    It really is an amazing size, I love it and use it everyday:yes:
  7. I voted for option 1 as well I love the work and a day always comes in handy!
  8. The pale magenta is slightly washed out, and looks better in a casual style IMO, so I voted that in a Day. A colour like electric blue should be bold and needs the size of a Work to do it justice!
  9. I voted PM First and EB Day. This is completely my personal preference though as I am so hoping to get the EB Day and any pink for me would be better in a smaller size as I don't think a large pink bag would be my style. Good luck with your decision!
  10. I voted for the first combo only because of the EB Work - that sounds amazing!
  11. i would have picked pale magenta first and eb work :smile: i think eb will be gorgeous in a work and so far, all the pale magenta firsts have amazing leather!
  12. Can't wait to see an EB work!!!
  13. I vote for pale magenta Day & electric blue Work!!! Electric blue:heart: is amazing,and a work is percect for that special color!
  14. vote for pale magenta Day & electric blue Work
    i waiting for the SGH electric blue work ;)
  15. I'm not a fan of the day... but if i had to choose, then it'd be the pale magenta day and EB work... i love the work... or how about pale magenta First and a EB work? I think the pale magenta First will be a better choice than the day IMHO... good luck!