please help me decide my LV #2!

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  1. hi everyone!
    i had done a post here before when i wanted to pick a bag to celebrate my graduation.. and now i want to pick another bag because im finally a licensed pharmacist!! :yahoo:
    my choices are:
    1. delightful PM... i forgot how it looks IRL but according to the dimensions online, it seems like more then enough room
    2. galliera PM in mono... i really like this bag, but its a tad bit pricey so i would have to hold off on getting this for a while or not getting another bag for a while, both which would make me sad.. lol
    3. palermo PM... i forgot how this looks on me, since i did try it out a while back, but it seems cute on the website
    4. either the vernis wilshire blvd or bellevue PM... these dont appeal to me so much, but i havent seen them IRL so im not sure which color i would like, or if its roomy enough for me, or if i will even like it.

    please help me decide which is the best option! or if theres a better choice out there... ill say that i prefer a bag that i can wear on the shoulder if i wanted to, and i kind of like the mono print, and i would prefer a zip closure, although its not absolutely necessary. thanks once again!! TPFers are the BEST!
  2. The Palermo seems to suit your wants. I'd go for that!
  3. I'm currently wanting a Palermo PM myself so I would vote for that! The Galliera would be the next choice.
  4. First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! From what you're saying it sound like you really want the Galleria PM, but it is more pricey. The Delightful PM is more similar in shape (hobo) but less expensive. I think the Palermo PM is cute, but more boxy shape....still expensive though. Its much easier IRL to pick a bag though! Good luck with your decision. You have to go for the one you love the most, its very personal.
  5. I vote for Palermo its pretty and practical
  6. thank you sophiae, disCo, and a lot of lvoe for your opinions! and thanks girlsnstilletos!! its a big relief to pass all these exams..
    so my next question is, if i go with the palermo or galliera, should i get a preloved bag or wait to get it new? i got my monty PM new, and i dont think that feeling is the same buying preloved.. but i could be wrong.
  7. Big congratulations to you! I'm in the medical field as well so I get really excited and happy for people when they get their license. You totally need to celebrate by buying a new sexy LV bag....and my vote goes for the beautiful Galliera PM!
  8. Since you're celebrating, I would get a brand new one, if you can. =D
  9. Galliera PM!! And a big CONGRATS to you!!!
  10. ulikeymahpurze? and 19flowers, thanks!!

    also, i would like to add one more contender to the list.. the speedy 30 in monogram idylle, preferably fusian. im hesitant about this since its not canvas so im not sure how this material would hold up vs the canvas of the other bags. but its beautiful too!!
  11. I prefer the Delightful in mono over the Galliera in mono.
  12. Delightful!!
  13. I would say Galliera or something in vernis
  14. Palermo!!
  15. qudz104, IMP its best to save a little longer and get the LV bag your REALLY love! Also, its important to try them on in person so you know the one that is really 'you' if you know what I mean :smile: