Please Help Me Decide My First Epi Piece....



  1. EPI JASMIN in ivoire

  2. EPI SOUFFLOT in ivoire

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  1. Hi beautiful ppl out there!!!

    I just fallen in love with EPI line.... IMO EPI symbolises classy and sexy but not too overwhelming... I just want and need to have one!!!!

    I cant decide between JASMIN in ivoire VS SOUFFLOT in ivoire.

    This is gonna be my first EPI, both are really beautiful, but I need some personal view of Jasmin and Soufflot owners on the :
    a) practicallity
    b) how much can it hold
    c) whether it can suit casual and formal
    d) can it be worn day and night ( I'm not working, so I need something that can is usefull am and pm)
    e) something that is timeless but not too "cute-little-thing" kind of bag. ( I'm early 30 mother of 2)
    f) something that I wont be regretting buying......( eg: the thought of "hmmmmm.... I should have chosen A instead of B")

    Please give your 2 cents since I have been saving for quite some time.... and really really looking forward to hug my first EPI jewel.......

    Thanks and muaaaahhhhh:lol:
  2. Personally I don't own any of these two bags, but I like more the shape of the Jasmin, so my vote goes towards it!
  3. Thank you Martina... you are the first voter for today!
  4. same here my vote is to towards jasmin but i dont own this one
  5. I have soufflot in black. I love her. so easy to use. I dont like jasmin so much. my vote is for soufflot.
  6. I have soufflot in black. I love her. so easy to use. I dont like jasmin so much. my vote is for soufflot...
  7. I had the same dilemma a while ago! Don't own any of them yet but I was deciding which one would be the goal of my "purse-saving-fund"

    I looked at many pics here on Tpf and read many reviews and I really like the jasmin more! Especially in a fun colour like ivorie. I think the soufflot may look a bit strange, but I'm just not a fan of the cilinder-shaped purses.
  8. Thank you girls!!!! Keep going.....
  9. I don't own either of these bags but out of the two I'd get the JASMIN. :yes:
  10. I don't know about the Soufflot, but I have the Jasmin in Lilas and I love it!

    - it is well structured and holds its shape well (no "bend" in the middle when not full).
    - sits upright nicely on a level surface.
    - perfect as a hand held or an on the arm bag.
    - you can also attach a shoulder strap to it if you need to go "hands free".
    - holds plenty of stuff: agenda, wallet, snacks, makeup bag, small book, etc.
    - big enough for day but has good proportions for evening (unless you are going formal!)
    - easy to organize interior - with structure and flat bottom things don't shift around.
    - timeless, classy and durable design.

    Good luck with your choice. The Epi line is great if you need a multi-purpose purse! I have been drooling over the white Epi ever since I first saw it. I'm sure whichever one you pick you will be happy. :tup:
  11. Thank you sweetLVbaby !
  12. I voted for the Jasmin!
  13. I prefer the shape of the soufflot!
  14. jasmin
  15. My vote goes towards the Jasmin... I love both bags, but liking the Jasmin more ATM.