Please help me decide my anniversary gift:) Black GCH city or Vert Gazon GGH city

  1. My SO knows that I've been lusting over the GH Bbags and I really need your expert help;)

    I love (and have it authenticated here) this vert gazon GH city, however I've been told it's a bit high in price and the seller hasn't responded to my question as to the complete condition of the bag and if it comes with the dust cover.

    OR - should I get a classic, black GGH city new (does Balenciaga even make these anymore?)
    I have a few black bags, but black is classic.

    If you've seen any of these bags in stores, please let me know:smile:

    Thank you so much!
  2. I would be more than a little worried about a seller who did not respond to questions. Especially about the condition of the bag! That being said, black is classic and you can't go wrong with it. IMO if I was only getting one bag, I would probably want a pop of color, like only bal can do, especially if you already have some black bags. Sorry I wasn't much of a help.
  3. I have a black GGH City and I love it. I get compliments on it every time I leave the house. Yesterday, an SA at LV was oohing and aahing over it. I don't think you will ever regret getting the black as it will go with everything. And yes black with GGH is still available this season.
  4. I like the Vert, but the handles look a bit warmed if you look closely. I would go with a brand new black.
  5. VERT GAZON!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  6. I'm always for there's my two cents!
  7. Wow, the decision is only getting tougher:p

    I hope that the seller gets back to me soon...otherwise, I think I'll get the black.

    Ahh, the big decisions in life!
  8. sorry - don't like the green - a bit too kermit the frog. black is a forever color ;)
  9. I only have a POP of colours in my small family of Bbags. I love colours so would prefer Vert Gazon but like lorrmich mentioned, I would be worried if the seller has not responded esp re the condition of the bag.

    Why not look around some more & choose a colour you really love?
  10. Black!!
  11. I vote for Black too - I like green, but Vert Gazon is really green - black is sooo classic you'll have it forever.
  12. I'd buy new if you can, you don't have to buy black do you? I love the black with GGH but would rather buy new than buy off eBay unless you're positive about what you're getting and you know it's a great deal.
  13. i think you should look around in the reference library and see if you can find another great neutral color that will go with everything just like black. I'm only saying this since you already have several black bags and balenciaga is known for their wide array of colors plus there are so many great neutrals out there with different hardwares.

    so no to vert gazon for me and no to black.
  14. i think you can never go wrong with i love the black with GGH combo! Its a real head turner IMO!
  15. Another vote for black!