please help me decide!! Money wallet colors

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which MONEY will you choose with GSH?

  1. Pale magenta with GSH

  2. Bubble gum pink with GSH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi, ladies...:yes:

    I'm thinking about getting a money wallet with GSH in pale magenta or bubblegum pink. But I don't know which color I should get. I think both look soooo pretty. Please please help me to decide. I have to decide this by today....:love: thank you very much!!!
  2. I voted magenta just because I think it will take the handling better than the bubblegum. Both are very pretty though! Can't really go wrong.
  3. I have a Magenta City and I would so love a money wallet to match.:girlsigh:
    This colour is TDF and you won't be disappointed. Enjoy choosing!
  4. I second the Magenta vote as I think the banging about against other things in your Bbag will not mar the color like it would a lighter BG..
  5. Magenta. I think a darker pink looks better against GSH. :yes:
  6. wow...4 magenta votes so far....Thanks for voting...keep voting for me please...
  7. I prefer the Magenta ... it shouldn't get as dirty as the BG, since it's darker.
  8. My vote goeas to pale magenta because I just bought one myself yesterday, and cannot wait to get her!! I love that colour!!!

  9. The magenta accessories are sooooo lovely. I just got the MU and :love: it!
  10. magenta!
  11. i like magenta =)
  12. Magenta!
  13. Magenta! :tup:
  14. another vote for mag!
  15. magenta. Prefer the colour and it will wear better, esp in a wallet.