Please help me decide! Mia vs Mia 2

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Should I buy the Mia 2?

  1. No! You should keep the first edition Mia that you have had, and be happy with that.

  2. Yes! You should keep and find a use for the Mia that you already have, but still get the Mia 2!

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  1. Hi all! So I already have the first edition Mia, that I use twice a day with the deep pore cleansing brush head. That is working perfectly fine for me with my skincare products. I really wasn't looking for a new Clarisonic. This one does the basic job fine, and I've had it over a year. I can't date quite how long I've had it, but I've had it not much longer since the first Mia came out (I ran right out & bought it.). However, I saw at the Sephora the Hollywood Lights Mia 2 collection and I fell in love with the colors/design and the twinkles. I really want it, but I can't seem to find a huge difference between the first Mia and the Mia 2 except for the two speed buttons which really wouldn't benefit me much in my skincare regime. It's really the cute design that is pulling me in. But I wouldn't want to buy the Mia 2, and then have the Mia just sit there. (I have no skincare obsessed friends so if I bought the Mia 2 and the gave the older Mia away it's not like they would really appreciate it. And I could understand keeping the Mia and just using the Mia 2 for travel but they're pretty much around the same size.) What I really want to know is, are there more differences that you guys find personally from your own use between the Mia and the Mia 2?
    All that being said, I do really love skincare products and skincare machinery. I'm a cosmetologist but I am thinking of switching over to being an esthetician. (Naturally good/better at giving facials, waxing, and doing makeup than I am at doing hair.) That's how much skin is important to me. And those 15-20 minutes in the morning that I spend on my skincare routine is like my "me time" that I spend on myself. I even bought the facial steamer from Sephora.
    I've had my regular Mia for two years, maybe more than that. Does anyone know how long Clarisonic's tend to last in general? If it's going to die out and break soon, I might as well get the Mia 2, but who knows when that will be? All advice/input/suggestions/facts are welcomed here! What do you guys think I should do? ​
  2. I would just wait until your Mia breaks down to get another one. I have the Mia 2 and I only use the high speed. I find the little "prompts" to move to another area helpful, I don't think the regular Mia has that. That's the only pro I can see personally when comparing Mia vs. Mia 2.

    I've thought about getting the limited red/year of Horse Clarisonic Plus, but it was really no different than my Mia 2...I have no use for the body brush and don't need a docking station. In fact, it's larger so it's probably more of a pain to travel with.

    I've had my Clarisonic for 2 years now and it still runs fine. I don't expect it to crap out on me at least for another 2 years. I've read a thread on here about someone's Clarisonic needing replacement at ~4 years...but IIRC it was repeatedly dropped in the shower...
  3. I have the original Mia ad I think it does the job just fine. I've had it since 2011, and it's still going strong. I think the only difference with the Mia 2 is it has the faster speed and an indicator of when to move to another area of the face. I would say wait until your Mia dies to invest in a new one. Clarisonic will probably release another Mia in the future with better and nicer features/colors.

    Either that or you can sell your original Mia, I'm not sure how much you'll get out of it since it has gone down in price in the past year.
  4. have you guys seen the new one Aria i recently bought it and im in love with it..i love the handle shape so much slimmer and love the charge system

  5. I just picked one up today. I planned to get the Mia 2 but the design of aria really is better!