Please help me decide: melrose flap or melrose cabas?

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  1. Gals,

    What do you think? If you have to pick one amongst these 2, which one will you go for it? :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop::girlsigh:

    Thanks for your precious suggestion :tup::yes::heart:

  2. hmmm i haven't seen any of them. what they look like?
  3. This is Melrose Flap, copied from another thread:

  4. This is Melrose Cabas, copied from another thread:

  5. I like the flap, but the cabas interior is gorgeous!! i havent seen the interior of the flap
  6. I like Melrose Cabas more! :tup::yes:
  7. thanks Chanelfans for your information and JaphsonLoveYou for your vote!
  8. Wow, the cabas took my breath away! I had never seen it before. It's amazing!!! However, it might be more trendy than the flap which might go with more since it's less obtrusive and has the classic shape.
  9. I like the flap better. I didn't know what either of these looked like... thanks for posting pics, chanelfans!
  10. hi! i like them both!:yes: let me ask, do you have any cabas bags in your collection?:shrugs:
    if so, get the flap. if not, get the cabas....
  11. Indeed I have both cabas and flaps collections. I have the dark silver baby cabas as in the cabas collection. For the flap, I have dark silver reissue, metallic black reissue, red e-w flap, going to get the distressed white jumbo with mm lock and new chain.
    So if you were me, what should I choose?
  12. I prefer the flap.
  13. Here's the interior of the flap, which I have posted in my thread Pics of Cruise 2008 Melrose Gradient Flap.

    I definitely prefer the flap than the cabas.

    Attached Files:

  14. definitely flap.
  15. i'd vote for the cabas cause i think it looks nicer and modern.