Please help me decide - LV Polly

  1. Since I had my mind set for that LV Suhali Le Fabuleur a week ago, I saw something from Greendrv's list of recommended handbag deals today. Greendrv recommends the all-leather, black/fauve (brown) LV Polly, which looks drop-dead gorgeous. While I was on eBay, I searched further, and found a similar one but in much better contrast colors - black/taupe. Then, I looked again, I saw some more Polly in leopard and monogram combination.

    I can't decide, although my first instinct is the black/taupe (because it looks elegant and timeless, and is good for both winter and summer). I already bought a Chloe Paddington and a Fendi Spy, because they were (still are?) the hottest. Now, I want a bag that is more timeless.

    Before I decide, please let me know what you think is the best choice for me, and the reasons why.

    Don't kill me. Should I stay with the Suhali Le Fabuleur?
  2. Def. go for Le fab. Imo it's much more timeless and classy than the Polly. You already have the it bags (spy and paddy) and I think Polly is one of them. I'm sure Le fab will look great after many years. And suhali leather is so beautiful and rich, totally tdf bag!
  3. I love both bags; the Polly and the Fabuleux. It really depends on the kind of clothes you usually wear and the kind of air you have about you. Love the leopard one but is it practical and would you be able to wear it with anything? And Fabuleux is great but very structured. I like all Polly´s so with the colour I can´t decide:confused1:
  4. I like the Le Fab better, but out of all the pollys the blk/taupe is the best...
  5. What color Le Fab are you thinking about?
    Some of the le fab colors are more classic than others.
  6. i love the Polly! i used to be in love with the Le Fabuleux too, but when i saw it in the store it was too box-like for me
  7. Thanks for your help. Ok. The Leopard Polly is definitely out, based on Nola's comment.

    Yes, Nola is right. The Le Fab does look a little structured. However, I am still keeping it in mind, because there are more people voting for the Le Fab.

    As for the color of Le Fab, I am thinking about either black or plum. Black is classier and is easier to match anything. Plum is a happy color, and definitely will make a statement. Can't take the light color of white or bone because it is very hard to keep the bag from soiled. In addition, over time, the color may change to yellowish.

    Iluvbags, what do you think about black and plum?