Please help me decide? LV or Chanel?


Which bags please?

  1. Chanel (see attachment pic)

  2. Damier Azur Saleya GM

  3. Damier Ebony Naviglio

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  1. Alright gals, need a favour from you. I am looking for a travel bag (mostly for business trip) now. There are 3 in my mind now.. 2 from LV and 1 from Chanel.
    They are either the LV Naviglio Damier Ebony, LV Saleya GM Damier Azur or a Chanel bag (sorry dont know the name but please see attached pic).
  2. Louis Vuitton ofcourse
    Saleya GM in Damier Azur
  3. Eeek! I found myself voting chanel, but that's my honest opinion on the matter, it's the prettiest, allbeit not a an LV.
  4. I honestly don't like that particular chanel bag. It's nice but looks way too ordinary IMO.
    I voted ebony because you said it was fir business trips and that one looks the classiest to me.
    Like the azur too but wouldn't GM be too big?
  5. What about Chanel GST, Cloud, or Madellion(sp) totes? :devil:
  6. Damier Azur Saleya GM but my opinion could be biased as I am a LV lover and do not carry any other bags.
  7. lv saleya. the chanel in your pic is part of the paris biaritz and while it is pretty it isn't leather. i mean, saleya isn't either but i have a feeling it's going to stand the test of time more than the chanel. that's just IMO. i love chanel, too but i tend to buy their leather bags. lv's coated canvas is just superb, i think. and travelling would mean you want a low maintenance bag. nothing is more low maintenance than the damier line.
  8. I do like the Chanel and would have voted for that one if it had been bigger. I only said the Saleya because it's a more practical travel bag. :yes:
  9. oops i just realized you were talking about damier azur saleya not regular damier. hmmm...then maybe the other damier bag is going to be a more practical travel bag. the naviglio!
  10. while i do like the chanel paris biarritz line, i think you'd get more for your money with a saleya :smile:
  11. Info about your height and what stuff you usually carry will be helpful.....Will it be for shopping or your carry-on?

    If you are on the petite side, I will say the Saleya MM. The material is softer than the naviglio. The naviglio is a little bit structured so it wouldn't be too comfortable if you use it as a messenger bag.
  12. i am 5 ft 6" at height and i tried the saleya MM today, but it look kinda small on me, like the GM thro. Was thinking of getting it cos i simply love the Azur but after i saw the Chanel one i kinda like it too! its softer in material hence its more comfortable while carrying it. The price is a lot higher than the Azur Saleya GM too.. The naviglio seems nice too.. So i am torn! Thanks for all your advices! Guess i have to make my choice soon..
  13. The canvas will soften with use and time:yes:
  14. Damier Azur for me!
  15. I vote LV. I'm not fond of that particular Chanel bag.