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Aug 9, 2017
Bought this medium o-case for 795 + tax. Doesn't come with authenticity card and serial number is detached. I'm not planning to resell.

Is this an okay price for a pre-loved o case? Or a bit expensive for pre-loved?

Should I keep or return?
Any prefer the old model more than the new model o-cases (fabric inside, back pocket)

I think pre-loved o-case prices also increased after the new chanel price increase :sad:

Thanks all!



Nov 23, 2006
Return. It looks funny without the inside zip pocket and also the outside back pocket. I also have the medium and love those pockets, they are so useful.

And you don’t even know if this is real. No card or serial? No way for me. It could be a $20 fake.
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Feb 15, 2020
Little Red Dot
I say return too. I would never buy anything without serial number, unless vintage.

My opinion is that counterfeit technology wasn't that superb in the 90s and earlier.

For someone who has people messaging me on Instagram trying to sell me super fakes or telling me they are direct from Chanel's factory.. I'll tell you this. You can't tell the difference of super fakes from authentic. Not even from the card or the serial.
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