Please Help Me Decide How To Use PCE

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  1. Dilemma time!! I was going to buy the sloan snakeskin heels with my PCE. I love them because they are so unique and I typically would not pay that much for shoes, but I really love them and the neutral colors will go with everything.

    BUT, I just saw the snakeskin Preston on the spring 2014 thread. 30224. It is stunning and of all the Prestons, I (of course) lean towards the one of the pricier ones. However, I can apply my PCE towards the bag which makes it a contender.

    I have given myself a one bag a month limit and cannot justify the shoes and another bag this month unless I return something. I was thinking of returning the parchment saffiano tote and scarf that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Here it is:

    My thought is that this is such a simple bag, I would rather put my money towards something that has a bit more punch to it. So I pulled out the parchment tote and was ready to head to the boutique to return it and I stopped myself. This is such a lovely, practical, and durable bag and I think I would use it a lot this summer.

    So my options are as follows,

    a. Go for the shoes.
    b. Go for the snakeskin Preston
    c. Return the parchment and scarf and go for the shoes and the snakeskin bag
    d. Say "screw my self-imposed limit," keep the tote and and go for the bag AND the shoes!

    You all have such excellent taste so I would appreciate your thoughts. I should mention that there are not a lot of other bags that I really want or need from the spring and summer line-up.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. I thnk you answered part of your own question. You just cant return tote. If you return you will regret.
    If u have set a limit try and stay with it. So, i would get the Preston
  3. If the limit is self-imposed and not "budget-imposed" then go for it, use your PCE for the shoes, skip next month, and get snakie Preston in May! That's the voice of no-willpower speaking loud and clear!!
  4. Well the snakeskin Preston link above takes me to some strange link...but thats OK because I know which bag you're talking about. So I say d. The parchment tote and scarf are too cute to take back and I really think you will use this a lot running around this spring/summer. You have to get the shoes because they are drop dead gorgeous and you'll never see another pair like them. The Preston bag is just a must get. (I told myself I was done for a while too but had to order the black/white edge paint one today)..... and then like you said you'll be ready for spring/ summer....yes D it is.
  5. Thank you. Very true. I think part of the dilemma is that I have the tote "in hand" and the shoes and Preston I haven't been able to touch or see in person, try on with other things etc. I never even thought about the parchment tote until I went into my boutique and then bam. I just wonder if I would feel differently if I had all three items in hand for comparison.
  6. I pick "C"
  7. I say D, only so you can bring everything home & then compare to the tote & scarf & then make a decision to return something from the group.
  8. :lol: How did I know you were going to go for D?!
  9. Thanks. That is what I am leaning towards. Perhaps I will HATE the Preston snakeskin once I see it in person. At least I can be slightly delusional for awhile longer.
  10. I have many wonderful qualities. Willpower has never been among them. :lol:

    Thank you. "C" is a definite possibility.
  11. ;)
  12. You don't even know the shoes will fit. I say, go ahead and order both the Preston and the shoes and then once you have them all, you can decide.
  13. #13 Mar 9, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2014
    I agree with whateve, get both then decide once you have them all.....or get both then skip your purchase for next month if you end up loving both the shoes and Preston. In either case, GET BOTH! Ha ha ha..... I'm eager to hear what you think of Preston because I'm eyeing that one........I think you will get a lot of use out of the tote and it looks so pretty with the scarf.
  14. I did try on a pair of "model shoes" at the boutique so I *think* they will fit. To be honest, I am really a practical girl at heart. I have some great boots, but heels are not something I tend to spend money on because I have fat feet and some brands and styles hurt like heck. I have bought Coach before and they seemed like a good fit, but I hate to spend that much to find out they are deathly painful two hours into a work event. But these are so nice, I might consider keeping a flask in my snakeskin purse to dull the pain. :roflmfao:

    Okay, not really.
  15. Thank you. I think you are right. I need to see everything and then make a decision.