Please help me decide, have until tomorrow morning...Velo or Prada vitello daino??

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  1. O.K., So I'm going to Neiman's tomorrow to pick out my bag. :biggrin: I have two choices. It's between the Velo in Anthracite or the Prada east west tote BR4393. I'm sure everyone is partial to Balenciago here but I've have never owned one of their bags. I don't have a pic of the Prada but if you search for Prada BR4393 you can see pics of it. They are very different bags.
    My style is casual, usually jeans, sundresses, vneck shirts, shoulder length hair. I'm not trendy, just like nice things. This bag will be used on a regular basis and must be functional! It also needs to last for several years. What does anyone think? Also, if you own a velo give me some input, would love to hear!
  2. Well I think that this particular Prada is more formal than casual and I would opt for the Bal. Unfortunately I never had any of these two bags so cant help you more, but I would go with the Velo without hesitation:smile: