Please help me decide, Damier Speedy 30 or Duomo. (ro)

  1. Some of you may remember, my DH was going to get me the Duomo as a Christmas present. Well, being frickle as I am, I changed my mind and had him buy me a Chanel Medalion tote :yahoo:. So, I was going to buy the Duomo myself.

    However, while I LOVE the Duomo, I really just need a roomy, casual bag. Is the Speedy 30 a better bag for that purpose? Also, the 2 bags have a similar shape, and I'm having a hard time justifying paying twice as much for the Duomo.

    If I go w/ the Speedy 30, should I just get it at the boutique where I can do a lining bleeding test first, or is it no longer an issue and I can order from elux?

    Your thoughts? Thanks.
  2. I like the Speedy much better actually, regardless of price. Lighter, less structured - just a really fun bag. Congratulations - nice DH! Hold on to him!
  3. i prefer the Duomo. i love mine; it's very structured and it looks very elegant and classy
  4. I agree it's a classy big - very pretty for when you're dressed up. I just have one structured bag (the babylone) and I have trouble with how hard it is - so I haven't gotten aother. I did see an older lady yesterday at the Charlotte mall with the Duomo - I was carrying my Damier Speedy and we smiled at each other and complimented each other on our bags - it was fun.

    You can't go wrong with either. Just try them on - since it's such a personal decision. Yeuxhonnetes has beautiful taste and she loves hers so that's a point in its favor!
  5. Just go with what your heart says. I vote for Duomo, it is more structured & classy, and less common!!
  6. my vote is for speedy 30! the duomo seems too big...
  7. I had the Duomo and currently have the speedy damier 30. I LOVED the Duomo (the look, shape, lining, etc.) however I found it a tad cumbersome to get in and out of. Because the Duomo is 2x the price of the speedy, I sold it and purchased the speedy instead. So far so good, I love my speedy. Honestly, either bag would be an excellent choice. If I won the lottery tomorrow, the Duomo would be back on my shelf.
  8. i agree, i like the speedy better because it's more casual and everyday, whereas in my mind the duomo is more dressy...

    in terms of the bleeding, i think it's still hit or miss, and i believe it depends on the SA in terms of whether or not they'll let you do a towel test with the lining...:shrugs:
  9. Voting for the Speedy 30. I'm not a fan of the Duomo.
  10. I went throught the same debate and ended up with the Duomo. Both are great bags and about the same size: Duomo 12.6" x 7.5" and Speedy 30 12" x 8". In the end I prefered the more structured Duomo shape, the alacantra lining, and the the great key holder (a must for me or I would loose the keys). If you're more casual in style you may prefer the Speedy. I still would love to get the smaller Damier Speedy 25. I'm sure you will love whichever you choose!!
  11. if I have enough money, I will go for its classic style...
  12. My vote goes to the Speedy. The Duomo is almost twice the cost but looks very similar. Plus, the Speedy can be dressed up or down.
  13. ^^ Ita
  14. Duomo -- everyone has a speedy
  15. I have the speedy and it's the perfect everyday bag.