Please help me decide! Damier papillon or damier speedy?

  1. Hi all. I just found out today that I got job promotion! :yahoo: So to celebrate, I've decided that I must get myself a fabulous new bag. I want to get a damier bag so I don't have to worry about carrying it out in the snow/rain this winter.

    This has been a difficult decision for me because, although I love the shape of the papillon, it looks like it can be cumbersome to carry or wear as a shoulder bag. On the other hand, I really like the speedy but I'm really concerned about the bleeding lining issue I've read about. (I talked to someone at Eluxury today and he said he was not aware about this problem at all...)

    So, which bag do you think I should get? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  2. I'd say the speedy....the papillon looks like it might be uncomfortable to wear I think if you had a lot in it, it would be akward maybe? I love the Damier Speedy!!!!
  3. Congrats on the promotion! :smile:

    Papillon! The 30 can be used handheld or as a shoulder bag and comes with a super cute Papillon baby too. :love:

    The Papillon works as a great shoulder bag if you loop one strap over the other and then sling the one strap over your shoulder. The bag ends up over your shoulder versus under your arm. Gosh that's a bad description. Most SAs can demonstrate this. We need a pic of this on the forum!
  4. I like the papillon
  5. i love the speedy and it's so pratical in damier
  6. get the damier speedy!
  7. Congrats on your promotion! I think a speedy is bigger, but I personally prefer the papillon. It's leather lined, it's spacious, and (like PurseSally mentioned) it can be handheld or shoulder held.
  8. CONGRATS! I love both, but I'll have to say speedy.
  9. I have the Speedy and the Papillon is going to be my next purchase. I say buy both :graucho:
  10. A vote for the papillon! LOVE that shape!
  11. I prefer the Speedy
  12. I really wish I could, that way I wouldn't have to choose! Maybe if I get a 10% raise or higher, I will certainly consider getting both but for now, I can only have one. :shrugs:

    My BF says that if I"ll wait until Christmas, he'll get me whichever one I ultimately choose. I don't think I can wait that long though.
  13. SPEEDY. I have the damier speedy 30 and I LOVE IT. When you go, maybe bring a white cloth to test if it bleeds there...not all of them do. Also, if you use a purseket and put something in the bottom to keep it from sagging, it doesnt really matter. I don't do either, and my speedy bleeds a teensy teensy bit, but my stuff isn't light-colored so I still love her!
  14. i have and love both, so it's a tough choice. but i'd go with the Papillon; it's not as common as the Speedy and the shape is so cute
  15. I'd say the papillon too though I love the Speedy as well (don't we all?!?) 'cos with the pap u have the option of hand OR shoulder wear...