Please help me decide! D: Balenciaga or Chanel??

Which should I choose?

  • Get the chanel!

  • Stick to balenciaga!

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Jan 6, 2008
Hello tpfers! I'm having a really hard time deciding which bag I should get next! D: I have been really loyal to Balenciaga since the start of this year and have since purchased 6 bbags. And I currently have enough bag funds to either purchase yet another 2 bbags or a chanel.

The chanel that I want to purchase is the fall act 1 turquoise medium lambskin flap! I absolutely love this colour very much and I also adore this style however my only concern is that it's lambskin (harder to maintain?) and that I already have a bbag in turquoise! (05 turquoise city!) I really like this bag alot however I'm afraid I won't get to use it much! D: because I'm still schooling so I will probably only use it on weekends.

The other 2 bbags I want to purchase is the saphire part-time with giant silver hardware and a ruby city! I have always loved bbags very much and have a never-ending list of bbags I want to get, but these 2 are on top of my list! I use my bbags for school so I will definitely use this 2 bags more than the chanel one so it's more practical.

Please advice dear tpfers! :biggrin:

Here's some pictures of my bag collection and the bags I want to get!

Saphire GSH part time

Ruby city

My 05 turquoise city (this colour is really hard to capture, looks greener in real life)

Chanel jumbo turquoise flap (but I want this in medium size)

Picture credits: psaseattle, goingindebt, sep


Jul 18, 2006
Normally, I would say BBag, but, I think that the Chanel is beautiful, and, since you already have such an exquisite collection of Balanciaga, maybe you should venture into something different.

zuzu maxx

Anonymous Bag Lady
Sep 5, 2007
San Francisco Bay Area
Pros: Chanel is a classic that can be kept for a lifetime. Prices are increasing dramatically so if you are thinking Chanel this may be the time to purchase. Next S/S the jumbo will be almost $3K! Plus, that is one beauty of a bag!

Cons: It is lambskin, which is harder to maintain, or I should say easier to scuff or stain. For your first Chanel the color may be a bit trendy, so you might not use it as much or as long as you thought you would. It seems that you have an affinity for Balenciaga so this may be the bag that works for you right now at this stage in your life.

For you I pick the Bal.

That is a beautiful Chanel bag, though - LOL!!


Jun 13, 2008
My vote goes to Chanel. It is unique and hard to find color. Plus Chanel is going to increase the price AGAIN. Lambskin is really soft, hard to maintain. So far I use my lambskin alot and they are ok.

Balenciaga is nice too but since you have alot, you should try different brand.

For me, I am into Balenciaga now, coz I have Chanels and it is a good change.


Mar 12, 2008
man, your Bbags collection is amazing!
i'm not really a huge fan of both, but in this instance, i would go for the Bbag because i adore the ruby city!


Aug 24, 2008
I love the saphire bbag but to me, nothing compares with chanel. However, if you dont think you will have time to carry it this fall with school and all do you think it will be a lifer or will you want to carry it in another season? If the answer is no, then I would go with a bbag


Sep 3, 2008
I love both brands, however I don't own any of their bags. But like most people said, since you already have a beautiful collection of BBags, I would totally recommend getting into Chanel. The lambskin is going to be difficult to maintain and is easily vulernable to color transfers. But the bag is going to be worth so much in the long run thanks to the price increases.

I say you should add a little variety in your collection and get the Chanel. Every girl should have a Chanel in her collection. Plus, that turqouise Chanel is to die for. Good god, she's beautiful.

...although the BBags you wanted are seriously cute too. But good god, their leather is just so irresistibly soft. GAHHHH!


May 14, 2008
I love the sapphire GSH! although normally i would say chanel - but i'm not a fan of the lambskin - this time, i would say the B bags.


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Jun 4, 2006
summer land
i used to be a balenciaga die hard too, and have lots of them from various of colors and sizes from weekender to first, but then after years, somehow i just got enough.
it's quite tiring to be obsessed with the same style only different colours.
and then i bought my 1st chanel, and can't stop since then.

so i say, go for the chanel :P