Please help me decide~~! Chanel Jumbo flap or Celine Classic Box?

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  1. am looking for a "classic" shoulder bag that will go with both the casual and formal look , AND can be worn crossbody occasionally :smile:

    so have narrowed it down to chanel jumbo flap (caviar red) or celine box bag in medium size (red or camel)

    I love the understated and clean look of the celine

    but am afraid celine will be more of the 'it'bag phase and not a classic!

    (the hefty price of the bag should at least make the bag last long!! )

    what do you think?
  2. Definitely Chanel Jumbo Flap!! You can keep it for years and pass it on to your daughter or daughter in law one day;)
  3. Another vote for Chanel.
  4. Chanel.
    I think the Celine will be more of a passing thing, in time.
    I love Celine too, just my opinion....about the classic part.
  5. I am biased. Gimme a Chanel anytime.
  6. thanks so much everyone for your opinions!

    wow it seems chanel is way way more of the answer !
  7. I greatly prefer the Celine. It might be relatively new, but I think it will become a classic. I might be a little biased though, because trashy celebs have ruined Chanel for me.
  8. I am partial to Celine. I like that it is understated and not carried by as many people.
  9. Gosh I know why you're having a hard time choosing between the two -- they're both beautiful and are really classic pieces....I don't think the Celine Box is an "it" bag that'll go out of style after a few seasons due to the simplicity of its design and the complete absence of anything remotely "trendy."

    I personally would go for a Celine because I tried a Jumbo before and it doesn't really look good on me (The Maxi or m/l suits me more) but in terms of re-sale value (in case you might think of selling this in the future), Chanel bags certainly hold their value more than Celine.
  10. Chanel. Not a big Celine fan.
  11. Chanel for me :yes:.
  12. Chanel Jumbo Flap :drool:
  13. celine for me please! :biggrin:
  14. Chanel
  15. Celine