Please help me decide, Chanel chevron small backpack or LV mini Palm spring?

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Which backpack to pick?

  1. LV mini Palm spring backpack

    27 vote(s)
  2. Chanel small metallic silver chevron backpack

    13 vote(s)
  1. image.jpg image.jpg I have a chance to get both from a resaler, which one would you pick and why? If you have both or either one, all inputs are welcomed!
  2. Definitely Chanel. The LV looks juvenile to me while the Chanel somehow seems classy, even as a backpack which is inherently casual. Perhaps I'm not the best source as I lived through the mini backpack trend of the mid/late nineties when even sorority girl had one (or ten).
  3. Thank you clu13, do you think the color on this Chanel backpack is too muted since the hardware is also Matt? My concern is that the Chanel does not stands out as much as the LV monogram when carried.
  4. I personally like the LV better. It's cuter and more casual everyday. The Chanel is nice but not my style. It seems stuffy to me and something an older woman in at least her 40s would be wearing. The LV has a more fun vibe to it.
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  5. The LV mini Palm Springs backpack!! I may be biased cause I own it but it's sooo cute and versatile and I think looks great with anything. You can wear it cross body, single shoulder or backpack. I love it. I'm not a fan of the color of the Chanel backpack at all. Perhaps if it was in black I would like it better.
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  6. I'm usually a Chanel person but in this case the LV without a doubt. It's more classic looking but also fun, and looks better made. I'm not a fan of Chanel's patents as they sometimes look plastic.
  7. Spot on Melissa - I am 41 but I've always been rather stuffy, even at 21, given my profession.

    If you want to stand out, I think the LV monogram print is the way to go.
  8. I think the LV. Both are really cute but there's something that stands out more and looks more timeless with the LV.
  9. Thank you all for helping me decide! LV it is!
  10. chanel gets my vote!! there's something so awesome about the chevron quilting on that particular color + hardware combo that is edgy and modern. i see someone young and trendy carrying that, not someone in her 40's. I see the LV monogram print everywhere. everyone and their mom (literally) has it and the majority aren't even real. sorry if i offended any LV lovers, but this is the Chanel forum after all!! :blush:
  11. Thank u ceedoan, I also love the chevron print on this backpack, it seems to hold its shape very well.
  12. Though I'm a Chanel girl but in this case LV looks better.
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  13. I feel exactly the same way as mia55 :smile:
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  14. LV no aftering for it as well.get it when its still available...
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  15. I just saw the lv backpack the other day and it's soooo cute in person. I've switched from lv to chanel but love this backpack.

    Anyone know the price?