Please help me decide - Chanel 3 or Jumbo?

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  1. Hello Everyone:

    I'm contemplating a purchase of the Chanel 3 (medium size).

    I love the look of the bag - the lambskin, the pewter hardware - it feels very "fresh". I also like that it's roomier than my 2.55.

    But my reservations are about the leather. As much as I love the look of it - I'm worried about it fading and the wear showing at the corners,etc.m especially since the bag is unsstructured.

    Do we know when the next price increase is on the Jumbo? Again, since i have a 2.55 in caviar - i was trying to do something a little different.

  2. I think it will not fading because of unstructure frame. Although, personally, I dislike the Chanel 3 which dues to its width.
  3. I am not a huge fan of Chanel 3 either...
  4. I agree, since you already have a reissue, 3 would be a bit different. Go for it!
  5. I love the chanel 3.... I own it in the large blush like color and it's a fab bag
  6. If you have the budget for a Jumbo and you currently don't have it... I would get a Jumbo before price increase in Nov (according to other knowledgeable TPFers whose on top of everything with Chanel).

    Chanel 3 is a beautiful handbag with soft lambskin, but indeed I will worry about the color fading and sagging down the feature....

    I think Chanel 3 is seasonal item, IMO seasonal item does not retain the value as much as classic item. I will get seasonal item like the one "Iridescent/crackled calfskin classic" for F/W 2011 is on my list to show you that I do love seasonal Chanel.... but classic is definitely my #1 choice if I can only allow to get one for the time being.
  7. Thanks for the feedback ladies! I have thought about the price increase on the Jumbo and I feel like I probably wont' regret it.

    I hesitated because I have the 2.55 in black caviar with gold (not to mention a mini with gold) and I felt like maybe everythign was startign to look the same! But classic never goes out of style.

    I love the 3 but I can't afford both!

    Thanks again!
  8. I have the Chanel 3 (large) top handled double flap tote. I love it because I think that it is very edgy and young and I wanted something different from my classic flap bags that looked younger and more "rocker." I barely considered the Chanel 3 medium flap because of what you're concerned about - the lack of structure, looking kind of saggy with time. I don't think that you should get a Chanel 3 as a substitute for a classic flap. My SA agreed with me - if you're going to get a flap because you need one, get a "real" flap IMO.
  9. I like Chanel 3, especially, the leather is so buttery! If you like the style, go for it. It's seasonal item so once it's gone, you can't get it anymore.
    In terms of durability, you can't beat caviar. If you want (almost) carefree everyday bag, go for jumbo caviar.
  10. I like Chanel 3, but only the biggest one with top handle.
    I had contemplated on getting it, but because it's lambskin, and the only color I would want it in is blush, I decided against it.

    Go for the Jumbo, you can't beat it. It's the most useful flap EVER. I have more than several and love them!
  11. I vote for the jumbo! However, I also like the Chanel 3 mainly for the gorgeous supple leather.
  12. I love the Chanel 3! I have the mini and it is such soft, squishy leather. I also like that it is a twist on the classics, but, as others have said, it is probably not as durable as caviar. It depends on your lifestyle and what you think will work best.

  13. since you have the 2.55 i say go for the 3. i tried it on the other day and its really cute but i worried about the fact the it's unstructured too
  14. Hi. I JUST purchased the Chanel 3 and may return it. I think your observations were correct and despite the butteriness and gorgeous leather + the perfect size, I am not a fan of the slouchiness. I put all my stuff in it this morning and there was slouch. I own the Jumbo in caviar and love its sturdiness and structure.

    Hope my 2 cents help. Good luck and can't wait to see what you end up choosing.
  15. Thanks again to all of you!

    I decided to go for the jumbo in caviar because of the change (with the flap) and the price increase. I know that over time, I will probably always want one.

    Thank you especially for that last observation - about the slouching of the leather when the bag is filled.

    You women are PROFESSIONALS! And I thank you for helping me make a decision that I know I will not regret!

    I love the 3, but the jumbo will take me through the years and always look amazing!